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Cutie Mark Crusaders Wallpaper

Here it is finally!

the CMC wallpaper that I made

first of all I want to credit these guys
for their vectors. Check out their pages!
Sweetie belle: [link]
Scootaloo: [link]
Applebloom: [link]

It would take a while for the next batch of artworks.
probably if I get inspiration or something.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro
Fighting is Magic is owned by the mane6 (check them out)

[EDIT] I found the guy who gave me the wallpaper.
he is


he had such a great help!
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May I ask, what font did you use for the "Cutie Mark Crusaders" text at the bottom?
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Where can I find this Hexagon-Background? PS epic Pic;)
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Ok never mind I found it: [link]
This is exactly how i think they would've come out in Fighting is Magic... 3 characters acting as 1 fighter, similarly to the Ice Climbers in Smash Bros... And one of their palette swaps would've given them their sisters' colorations, including rainbow mane and cyan coloration for Scootaloo...
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What is the name of the font?

looks amazing by the way
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The font is called "yukarimobile"
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Thanks a lot
sorry for the super late reply
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this is so awesome!!!!!!
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thanks a million!
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Your very very.... Welcome!!!
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Lol, nice job! I especially like how you mixed in the ink-blots together! :D
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