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Nathaniel {Mephestis} Greenwald Endlecraft Bio

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Name: Nathanial "Mephestis" Greenwald 
Alias: Greeter of Souls, Mr. Greenwald, Mephestis
Age: 27 {appears to be} / {Was killed in 1946s Las Vegas-like world, nearly 95 years old due to Onavi Lamor}
Species: Undead human
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Link to test:…


Soul type: Heart

Skin: light Tan {as human form} / none {as undead}
Eyes: Amber {as Human} / Red {as undead}
Body Type: slender with a bit of muscle.
Height: 6'1
Weight: 140lbs
Hair: Brown/Deep Orange {as human} / none {as undead}
Extra: a tattoo of a Jester on his back and the 4 suits on his hand. The First one:…  / The second one:… 

-Mental Traits-

Likes: Gambling, casinos, greeting people, flirting with women, screwing people over, smoking, coffee.
Dislikes: Losing at the tables, being tricked, cheaters, sore losers, mobsters.

Strengths: Tolerant, Persuasive, Tactful, Intelligent, Observant, and Optimistic.
Weakness': Rude, Bossy, Stubborn, Greedy, Selfish, and Blunt.

Fears: Guns {due to being shot and killed by one}, Blood {He was younger when he cut his hand open, passed out from the sight of it}, The number 13 {Mostly the bad luck that follows it as he is afraid to lose}, Loud Noises {Mostly popping or gun sounds due to how he was killed}
Overall Personality: An overall asshole when he wishes to be, yet very nice when he meets new people. He can joke around and be kind of rude, but if he knows he fucked up, he'll panic, has a small anger issue but he calms down if he has his coffee.

Skills: Magic Card Tricks, Playing Piano, Dancing, reading people's hands when playing card games, can speak 4 languages: English, Latin, Italian, and French.

Abilities: 1. Can make portals to his realm {Onavi Lamor's realm only, so he may leave}
2. Can switch from his Human form to his Undead form at will {most of the time he only turns into his undead form when he's extremely angry}
3. Purple Fire {It can harm an undead being but is harmless to a living being, unless he is corrupted/evil}

Weapons: A small pair of brass knuckles and a pocket knife.


Lived a good life in Vegas {in this universe}; his father being a successful businessman, and his mother being a nurse. He was with his girlfriend Evangeline, {whom had made a deal with a demon she summoned by accident, as she had asked for better luck at things like school and such, gained a purple bowler hat that gave whoever had it good luck but would also give the user bad luck}, in Vegas at a Casino they both worked at, him a Poker Dealer and her a Bartender/Waitress.

He didn't have the hat with him when he met Onavi Lamor, a demon who wanted to see if anyone could beat him in a game of poker, for fun and to see of any mortal was smarter then him when it came to card games, Nathan successfully beat him, and Onavi was impressed that a mortal had beat him. He gave him a card, with a skull on it, and told him to recite the words of Latin to summon him when he was near death {which as soon as he touched the card his soul belonged to Onavi, but he collected it when he died}; which Nathan told him he wasn't going to die anytime soon and laughed it off a bit before Onavi told him not to jinx himself.

Near Death Attempt 1 with said hat: A man he screwed over, a month before his death, attempted to kill him, Nathan nearly was killed until security showed up and shot the man, but as a result, Nathan lived but the man died, gaining some reputation as a person who loved to rig the games. {Which is bad in this universe}
NDA2: He had screwed yet another person over, a few weeks after, and the man went after him with a gun. He nearly was shot in the chest until his girlfriend smashed a bottle on the guy's head. He survived again, but the bad luck was that he owed the casino money for the damaged caused.

NDA3 {the final one}: He was at the tables, yet again, screwing a group of people over. He happened to screw over a mobster, in which owned said casino, and usually they let him win, but he figured he could get away with it. A few minutes later, the mobster and his group started a mass shooting in the casino floor, as a way to show his power. Nathan was shot in the chest 4-7 times and he tumbled to the ground, his girlfriend was shot but she was shot in the leg, and a large amount of people had been killed in the process. He crawled to his table where the hat was and grabbed it, and the card. His vision was blurry and he was coughing up blood as he recited the Latin words, which he finished as soon as he was about to pass out due to loss of blood, the last thing he saw was Onavi appearing over him and everything turned black.

He woke up in Onavi's realm, The Soul Realm, and was gasping for air. He checked himself and felt the bullet holes left in his body, and Onavi told him that even though he was dead, he saved his soul and now Onavi owned his soul. He panicked as he lost his girlfriend, his family and his wealth in that single moment. {and quoted from Nathan when he found out he lost his girlfriend, "I can't get laid anymore!"} For years on since then, he was charged with greeting the souls of the dead and checking them in, as well as gaining a new attitude towards people, dead or alive, as a punishment. He also gained the nickname Mephestis due to Onavi as his name in the Soul Realm, and has used that name more then his own. Onavi sometimes asks him to go to different realms to see what they're like and the fact he sends him there himself, and Nathan can leave by his ability to use a portal to Onavi's realm. He was also given Purple Fire as a weapon to defend himself against other undead beings, as he knew he'd run into them. Onavi found a portal to Endle and sent Mephestis to investigate it as it was a strange realm filled with violence and Death, yet full of beings completely different from each other, which Onavi Lamor opens a portal in the graveyard in an unnamed town and throws him into this strange new realm...

Family: Rose Greenwald {mother}, Howard Greenwald {father}, Gladys Greenwald {sister}, Evangeline {Ex-Girlfriend}

Extra: His Purple hat that gives him good luck; the downfall is that with the good luck something bad happens along with it. 
He wears pair of red coffin shaped glasses he got from a friend in Onavi's Realm and 4 rings covering his 4 tattoos on his fingers.
His corrupted/evil form when he's in full destructive mode; His right eye and arm become skeletal and his flames hurt the living but won't catch anything on fire {only a powerful being can cause this form to appear and he won't remember anything he's done in this form, his master can not track him either in this form, nor can he communicate with him.}

Mephestis {c} Me
Bio Template {c} EndleCraft Server 
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