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Dr. Andrew Thorne {Endlecraft Bio}

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Name: Andrew Jacob Thorne
Alias: Dr. Thorne, Dr. Andy, Andrew
Age: 54
Species: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good


Soul type: Heart

Skin: tanned
Eyes: Emerald Green
Body Type: Lean, average
Height: 6'3
Weight: 154
Hair: Grey, was a platinum blonde when he was younger.
Extra: Missing his right eye due to bandits attacking his town.

-Mental Traits-

Likes: Taking care of his patients, gardening, long walks, coffee, animals, rain, potions.
Dislikes: Bandits, raiders, people attacking his patients, Fire-users, all mobs, stuck-up people.

Strengths: Respectful, Tolerant, Observant, Serious, Friendly, Intelligent, Strong, Dedicated.
Weakness': Pushy, Stubborn, inhibited, Secretive, Escapist, Sadistic.

Fears: Losing a town to attackers, losing his grip on sanity, losing his family.

Overall Personality: He's quite nice when he's meeting new people, glad to hold conversations for hours on end. He cares deeply for his patients, friends and family when they're in danger, he's also great with watching people, pets and places if someone asks him. He can also be very scary when he's in his plague outfit as he doesn't speak even when spoken to.

Skills: Medical Experience, Blacksmithing, Gardening, Cooking, Sword/Shield combat.

Abilities: None

1. Sharpened Diamond Sword with Obsidian edge.
2. His family shield with his crest on it.


Living in a small Minecraftian town, surrounded by walls to keep mobs and raiders out, he moved to town with his family when he was young, around 26. He lived there, learning from villagers about how to farm and take care of the sick {because many of the illnesses there were far different then in the city}, he had his medical license from the city he lived in prior and wanted a different setting. About 7 years later, age 33, he left town to work for Captain Ion, a military Captain fighting against a army of mutant mobs made by a scientist named Dr. Kylocke. He fought many mobs, as well as healed dozens of wounded and dying people for two years, age 35. Captain Ion and him charged in to fight Dr. Kylocke himself, but discovered that he had fled.

He returned home, after a year of training with his Captain, and found everything was well, his children were learning more about the world thanks to the villagers. Being the towns only doctor, he sometimes had to leave town to buy healing items to help the sick. He left to go forage healing items and go to the city to get the proper equipment to perform surgeries and give shots, but he took longer then expected because he ran into a friend of his from the war. He was returning when he saw smoke in the distance, rushing towards it, he saw fire-using bandits and potion-buffed raiders attacking everyone. He killed many of them, not before getting his one eye shot out, bleeding he kept fighting on until he chased the rest out, the bandit leader nowhere in sight. Blinded and weak, he went to his home to find his wife, daughter and one of his sons dead; Edward had sneaked out to get apples when the bandits attacked, and both him, his son and the remaining people tried their best to clean up.

He was determined to get revenge on the raiders for what they've done to his home and family, he decided to put as much fear as he could into them by sending them poisoned potions, by dressing as a mysterious man in a plague doctor outfit and not speaking during their exchanges. He eventually started kidnapping the raiders one by one, experimenting on them until they passed. He kept this up, age 39, until the bandit leader caught him and unmasked him. Furious at the man who killed his family, he threw a potion that was mixed with harming/poison and could burn the person severely to the point of no return, as he went to the nether and added lava to the potion. He stood over the leader, who was crying in pain, and unsheathed his sword, telling him, "How does it feel to lose everything you love?" then stomping on his chest, nearly knocking the wind out of his lungs.

He returned home, feeling better that his family's killer was dead, but was met with a horrid sight. A horde of mutant mobs had broken the defenses, and killed the remaining people, Edward was in the city learning how to forage from a famous blacksmith at the time. His enemy from the war had found out he lived in the village, and massacred everyone, as if he was teaching a lesson to him. He returned to the city, after changing out of bloodied clothing and taking his remaining belongings, and told his son what happened at the village. He then left the city, age 46, to go on an adventure of self-importance, leaving his son in the city. He's traveled to various cities, towns and villages for 8 years; healing the sick and wounded, fighting off bandits {whom had placed a bounty on him from the first attack on the village}, and becoming well known as a doctor, but secretly carrying out his experiments on people. No one, other then he himself, knows what happened to that group of bandits that murdered his family; the bandits that did survive, who were afraid of this plague doctor showing up and one of their own disappearing, who also hid when he showed up, were the only ones that found them dead and spread the story that if a Plague Doctor appeared on your doorstep, watch out for each others throats.

Family: Valeria: Wife/Deceased. Celine: Daughter/Deceased. Arthur: Son/Deceased. Edward: Son/Alive.

Extra: He still wears his wedding ring on his finger, in remembrance of his family. Owns a glider that is Steampunk/magic based, has the Crest on it as well.
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