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{CoS} {Solterios Monte Chronis} -Update coming-

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Name (& pronunciation): Sol-ter-os / Mon-te / Chro-nis {Solterios Monte Chronis}
Date of Birth (& age): August 17th, 1964. {Several Months after It's A Small World was built} Current Age: 51, looks 35.
Place of Birth: Country of Elona, Disney Universe.
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Human; born with Time Magic.
Social Class/Community Status: Clockmaster of "IASW" in Toon Town
Language: English {first}, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese.
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Quintavious {Considers him a younger brother}, All of Toon Town and The Wasteland, The Clocktower itself, Almost All Shard-Bearers, Albrech {Thinks of him as a younger brother}, Wyit {School Buddies}

Physical Description

Height: 6'2
Weight: 170
Hair: Platinum Blonde with blonde bangs and purple tipped ends.
Eyes: Orange
Limb Dexterity: Double Jointed
Detailed Physical Description: A fair skinned man that is around 6'2, around 150-170 pounds, and platinum blonde hair that is essentially white with blonde tipped bangs and purple tipped ends of his pony-tail.
Typical Clothing/Equipment: A white shirt with purple/gold cuffs that have roman numeral on them, as well as a golden yellow vest with a brown backing and a brown tie, navy blue bellbottoms with piano key patterns on the ends, a gold monocle on his right eye, a black long-sleeved sweater under all of that, as well as his Clockstaff, with the face of IaSW on it, a brown belt with a custom SW face on it and black oxfords.


Personality/Attitude: Very happy go lucky, caring, sweet, welcoming to all, generous and tolerant of the Clocktower when he's being needy.
When more "evil"; Snarky, moody, almost always annoyed, compliant with the clocktower when it's wanting destruction, and quiet.

Skills/Talents: Time Magic; Mostly slowing down time in the clocktower, and a 15ft area around him when in combat, or "gone evil".
Favourites/Likes: The Clocktower Song {Much to everyone's disliking}, Pumpkin Pies, Throwing parties, Fishing, Giving tours of his home, hosting tea parties, walks in Snow White's Forest, attending balls and reading.
Most Hated/Dislikes: When his mood shifts from Happy to Angry, most villains {Except Hades, as he's only neutral with him}, Koath Magmus {As previously after Walt had passed, Koath kept a very heavy watch on him and even once cut off the Clocktower from magical energy causing the tower to go on a rampage, forcing Sol to reset the tower with the staff by hand and preventing from anyone getting hurt.} 
Goals/Ambitions: None currently.
Strengths: Time Magic, Companionate, Committed, Brave when needed, full of zest, polite, not easily angered, and happy go lucky.
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Easily frightened by people sneaking up to him, ADD, moody, revengeful 
Fears: Maleficent turning him to stone, The Human World {As going there will cause his aging clock to start ticking, happens to all Humans born in the Disney Universe and Humans entering the universe age to a certain age until they choose when to stop aging.}
Hobbies/Interests: Cards, Sewing, Cooking, Gardening, Dressing up in costume for the occasion.
Regular Routine: Unknown, usually never leaves the clocktower now.
Philosophy of Life: n/a
Attitude Toward Death: Frightened
Religion/Beliefs: n/a
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Biting his fingernails when nervous or upset.
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: When he heard Quintavious was nearly turned into a statue, but put himself into a sleeping spell, he was upset because he just 'lost' his friend. He hasn't really left his Clocktower in 9 years except for Christmas and Halloween.
Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: n/a
Education/Special Training: Went to The Magilorious Academy in Toon Town for 38 years, then to The Dream Kingdom's Magic Academy where he met Albrech.
Place/Type of Residence: The IaSW Clocktower, in an apartment decked out steampunk like.
Occupation: Clockmaster and Time Specialist of Toon Town.
Place of Work: The IaSW Clocktower, Town Square.
Work-related Skills: Time Magic, and the willpower.
Past Occupations: Clockmaker and tinkerer in Elona.
Memberships: The Toon Town Celebration Committee, and Member of The Elona Clockworks Committee.

Additional Notes: Some people fear him because of his name, but when they get to know him he's quite harmless when not corrupted.

Sol, Elona {Country}, the landmass filled with other countries yet to be mentioned {c} Me
All Disney things mentioned {c} Disney.
Character Sheet belongs to {c}
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