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I love your art style, as it's very reminiscent of BTAS. I also love your design of Lauren's armor. The distinct lines and the relative...

I really like the coloring you've done here, especially the shadowing. You've given it just the right amount of shading and off colorin...

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Delaying The Inevitable
Here's another commission by :icondingodile24: Dingodile24 of two of my OCs, Matias Moreno and Jennifer Lee. Jenny's a metahuman much like her twin sister, though her powers are all cerebral rather than physical. She's a genius, a master hacker and technopath. She's also as sick and sadistic as her sister. Nonetheless, Matias, Josefina's son and family attorney became intrigued with her, not just from her physical attractiveness but from her mind as well.

While working on a lawsuit against the Moreno family Jenny had wandered over to Matias' office out of curiosity. He dismissed her, seeing her as nothing more than just one of his mother's lackeys, stating he was busy with matters that were beyond her. When she quoted Heidegger back at him, "Those who think great thoughts often make great errors," it gave him serious pause.

Over time they started spending more and more time together until Matias asked Jennifer out to dinner officially. Afterwards they went back to the villa and walked around the estate's gardens when Jenny discovered a chess set on one of the tables and challenged Matias to a match. It didn't end well for him.



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BattleCymoneColored by GhostlyElegance

1.- Hello, and welcome to 20 Questions with Fourth Wall Magazine!
What is your real name and nickname?

I am Cymone of Themyscira.

2.- Very Nice to meet you, what is your current age?

Millenia. I was born thousands of years ago.

3.- What is your alignment in the great never-ending battle of good and evil?

I strive to uphold the principles and honor of my people in all things.

4.- What is the origin of your powers?

They are inherent, as I am an Amazon.

5.- Fascinating! Now, superpowers and such aside, what do you feel is your greatest strength as a character?

Hmm. A difficult question. I suppose my drive? Others would call it stubbornness.

6.- Here's what may be a bizarre question: What kind of Universe do you exist in? Is it serious? Comical? Sexy? Noir? Horror?

I would say horror. No. That is not correct. Perhaps serious. My main goal is to bring the vampire nation and the human nations of the world together as an ally to Minister Russell Crowler. This goal is difficult, but doable.

7.- A lot of super-people have certain recurring elements of tragedy in their background. The readers would like to know if you do as well. For instance, are your parents still alive and/or did you come from a destroyed planet? Stuff like that.

I cannot recall any major tragedies in my past.....I have lost friends and sisters in arms. I have lost past lovers. But that is to be expected. An Amazon's life is one of warfare and conflict after all. Still. My mother is alive and well.

8.- Who made your costume? is not a 'costume'. This is my armor and spear. Both were forged by Hephaestus himself.

9.- Do you have siblings?

Biologically? No. But I count each of my sister in arms as a member of my family.

10.- What is your biggest fear/ worst nightmare?

Defeat in battle, and as a result, innocent people dying.

11.- Are you a solo act, or part of a team?

I always consider myself as part of a team. We are trained from birth to fight as a unit. Still, now that I am in the World of Man I have many allies. I rarely find myself in battle alone.

12.- Who is your worst enemy and why?

I would have said Ares before coming to Man's World. Now? That title goes to Damon Falkner, a coward with delusions of grandeur. He is a vampire that would rather go into open civil war against his own people to prevent vampires and humanity from coming together for the common good.

13.- Huh, okay. interesting. Then, who is your best friend?

Minister Russell Crowler.

14.- Confession time; Who is your lover?

Again, Crowler. He is constantly showing my all the World of Man has to offer.

15.- Existential question: What would you do if you could ever meet your creator?

Thank him, I suppose? I don't know.

16.- What is your lifelong dream?

To no longer need to fight.

17.- What would you do if your dream came true?


18.- As a character, do you have any personal demons or overarching regrets that haunt you?

Of course. Who doesn't? If you are looking for specifics.....many years ago a man washed ashore of Themyscira. I killed him without hesitation. Only after he was dead to I realize he was a father. He had saved his infant daughter from drowning. We raised her as if she was our own, but....she never knew her father because of my actions.

19.-  What does your "secret identity" do for work?

I have no 'secret identity'. I am striving to bring more of my sisters to the World of Man to help bring about the reconciliation of vampires and men.

20.- Last question, and it's a DOOZY for a super: What is the WEIRDEST thing that has happened to you?

I fought and killed a construct created by a witch to kill vampires. Took its head. I still have it in a jar as a trophy.


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