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:iconghostliger:GhostLiger posted a status
Shout out for Midnight197's 400 Watchers contest 400+ Watcher Contest! (End!)
Hoia Everyone!
A few days ago I reached 400 Watchers! And I wanna thank everyone for this great support! I made a lil poll before asking if I should make a Contest for it, and the most people wanted it, we go ~
- To enter you need to draw one of my Characters, you can find if you scroll through my gallery:
- You need to be a watcher
- Share this journal 
- Tag me in your entry
- Just one Entry per person
-you can draw Digital and Traditional
-The Drawing needs to be made extra for the Contest! I wont count it as Contest-Entry if I get the feeling it isnt made for the contest uwu
First Place:
One Fullbody Digital drawing from one of your characters.
Still not sure if I'll be able to enter or not yet, but definitely gonna give it a shot.

Also sneaky little reminder that I have one going on too XD Revenantale's 1st AUnniversary contest! ClosedLinks
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What if Whotale

Revenantale's 1st AUnniversary contest! (Closed)
It's hard to think it's been a year since I started Revenantale, and I'm still bowled over by how many people seem to be enjoying it so far. Thank you all so much Littletale Sans Icon
So I thought I'd try hold a little contest. Since it's my first one and I'm not sure how much interest there's going to be, I'm gonna keep it simple.
All you need to do to enter is to comment below with a piece of work involving Revenantale in some way. It can be any kind o

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Midnight197 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aw thats nice from you <3

yeh I remember you had an Contest going on as well xD I'll see if I can find time to make something for it >w<
GhostLiger Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist

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