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Journal Entry: Mon Oct 15, 2018, 9:05 AM

Total Privacy Attack Tag.
Got tagged by NatsuneNuko and Midnight197 


- Repost the rules

- You need to answer every question honesty BUT you have 5 Saves you can use on questions you don't want answer to, simply answer with SAVE

- Tag someone ^^" that's how tags works

- Be brave!

- Have fuuuns!

1. How many watchers do you have?


2. How many people do you watch?


3. Which of your drawings received the biggest amount of comments?

This old thing from 2007, though it's probably because I got into a lot of lengthy conversations on it.
Please take me home by GhostLiger

4. Which of your drawings received lack of comments, but to you it deserved more

I find it really hard to say any of my stuff deserves comments, but for a lack of comments causing disappointment it would have to be this one from 2012.
Phoenix Domino by GhostLiger
Now I know it's shitty, but hear me out. At the time I made it I was getting at least a couple of comments each time I uploaded stuff (They were mainly friends, but still) so I was used to getting a little bit of feedback on stuff. I was really happy with this back then so it kinda cut me deep when it didn't get any at all. It's a lesson in not to expect anything and just do things for the sheer love of doing it XD

5. How many journals posted?


6. What's your most faved drawing?

This lineart tutorial.
Tut: Cleaning scanned lineart. by GhostLiger
I should point out that it's hideously out of date and there's way better tutorials out there now that make for a much smoother lineart.

7. How many favorites you gave?

How does one even find that out? Given how long I've been here, a shit tonne XD

8. Which of your drawings is your favorite?

At the moment it's this one I made for StrikeYoko.
Pokemon Let's Go Jack!! [Gift] by GhostLiger
I may have made it for her, but it means a lot to me too, be it as a symbol of our friendship, or because I learnt some important things about colour while working on it.

9. Which of your drawings is your last favorite?

Gonna assume you meant least favourite XD I got a lot I hate, mostly due to how old they are, but if I have to pick anything it would have to be this
Anime Flimbo by GhostLiger

10. If you got any fanarts of your characters, which is your favorite?

I have many
[Gift] Frost in the woods by StrikeYoko Contest Prize: 2nd Place (1/2) by StrikeYoko Raffle Prize~ What if Whotale and Mysterytale by Arerona Shadow by Riverfox237
And I have way more. I should make a showcase journal sometime.

11. Which is your last favorite fanart?

Gonna have to use a SAVE here. I love every artwork made for me, be it gift, commission or contest prize etc, and least favourite sounds so negative XD;

12. If you're doing commishes, ever regretted accepting someone's commish for some reasons?

Nope, but then I've only ever had one commish and that was a joy to make. I'm planning to open commissions at some point in the future, but I need to be sure I'm ready.

13. Ever regretted promising someone a drawing?

Only once, because the subject was more ambitious than I was capable of at the time.

14. Ever got someone to know on dA and they become your friend/idol but after a time you regret knowing them because of something they do/something they did?

Thankfully no.

15. Got someone who's now your best friend/biggest idol?

16. Are your drawings completly from you or you usually got inspired by other artists, or you're always inspired by others?

Six of one, half a dozen of the other really.

17. How many pageviews per day you get?

Somewhere between 20 and 50 depending. Usually higher after I've just uploaded something.

18. How many comments per day you get?

Depends if I've uploaded something or not. Can't really give a solid answer to this. If you want dA's average it'll tell you 2.68 per day, which is totally not accurate to reality, but is as close to an answer as I can give (And I'm not even sure if that's comments I've recieved, or comments I give ^^; ).

19. How many faves and comments you get per deviation?

dA's average is telling me 22 for both, again only accurate to maths and not what I actually get for each deviation.

20. How many people have you blocked?

None. I blocked one once a long time ago, but removed it later after I realised I was being dumb.

21. Ever said your age on dA?

A couple of times.

22. Ever showed your gender?

I used to have it displayed on my dA profile a long time ago, but times change.

23. Ever thought about deactivating your account?


24. Ever deactivated your account for a small moment?

No. Is a temporary deactivation even possible? o.o

25. Are you happy being on dA with your friends and watchers around?


And now the tagging.

I tag... you. ALL OF YOU!


Energy conservation recommendations: "Only boil enough water for the number of cups of tea or coffee you want."

Most everyday kettles: "Oh, you only want one or two? Well sorry, but I have a minimum water level of four."
Just in case anyone needed some emergency cuteness.

Milligloo by GhostLiger


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United Kingdom
I don't take requests anymore with the exception of special circumstances, but if you are interested in a commission note me for details.

I don't give faves/comments/watches/llamas/etc for points

I don't give points for faves/comments/watches/llamas/etc

In short, I don't do points

Sorry to disappoint

Give a Llama, Get a Llama by mushir

Give a llama get a llama people, give a llama get a llama!



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