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Pacific Blue

Another attemp of space art. This time I followed *sirgerg's tutorial to make the planet and the star shield.

The planet looks cool, me like it, but the stars... ok, they look more realistic and less tedious than the ones I make painting star by star but... this shield... it needs something, don't know.

There I also try to make a nebula... I SUCK :disbelief:


Enjoy (if you can ¬¬)
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Nice piece of work.
I think you slighly overdid the highlights for the texture on the planet, also with the proposed direction of the light, I don't think you should have shadow falling across the far side of the ring just before it goes behind the planet.
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Very nice ring :)
Tirinity's avatar
it's awesome ~!! O.O i can't believe you say to yourself that you suck :omg: you doooonn''tt ^__^ you're very good ~! :w00t:
jiwwy-ast's avatar
Really cool used well the tutorial
The texture of the planet seems a little too much embossed...
and there is some inconsistency with the lighting of the ring,
a part from that it looks pretty...Nice Blue color!!!!
GhostHead-Nebula's avatar
Hola Jim-Bo! :wave:

Do you think it's a good star field? YAY! :excited: And don't worry, the next time I'll fix the planet's texture. Thanks for commenting :aww:
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Nice stars! But I think the planet could use a better texture. Overall, good job. :)
GhostHead-Nebula's avatar
Yeah... Seeing better I think I could look for more textures using google ^^;

Thanks for commenting :hug:
sensory-ghost's avatar
It's beautiful, love the details at the ring. And those stars are very delicate :+fav:
GhostHead-Nebula's avatar
Aww... :aww: Thank you for the :blahblah: and :+fav: Really apreciate it :hug:
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