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Getting ready to head down to Alamo City Comic Con in a sec here!  I will be there with :iconstratum-comics: selling prints of these fellas below and doing colour commissions Mistah J! by GhostHause Deadpool by GhostHause
And if you're lucky enough to get a hold of one of the VIP passes, you can get my con exclusive Halo print too!  Stop on by the signing and get it autographed by Steve Downes (Master Chief), Jen Taylor (Cortana) and me!

While you're there, don't forget to take a look next door and slap :iconspicydonut: for being so God damned talented.  Be sure to maintain a wide stance, swing from the shoulder and shout "You should be ashamed of yourself, Devin!" when you do so.  He's debuting the latest in his series of comic book pinup girls, which are of course, sickeningly good.  Because he knows I hate that.  You should get one, you deserve it.

Poison Ivy Pin Up by SpicyDonut Harley Quinn Pin Up by SpicyDonut

And whatever you do don't forget to visit the Masters of The Obvious table with Dan Price and :iconmrbahn:  They are deeply unpleasant men, but their art and comics more than make up for their ghastly personalities. Bonn will also be selling his brand new prints of superheroes fighting horror movie villains and he is prepared to do an art trade for the pictures of US presidents in your pocket.

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