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Venom: Yearbook Photo

Lat one! Thanks so much for all the favs and comments you guys have given the rest of them, it got me through this crunch with my sanity more or less intact ^_^


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he looks so happy i wanna hug him to death and rip out his intestines and play jumprope!
Jiejiep's avatar
This is great. Straight into the Featured Folder of :iconspider-man-fan-club:.
Zaparcik's avatar
He seems so happy that I feel warm fuzzies inside.
LT-metamorphose-LT's avatar
Now this is a RARITY for Venom.:D DAT TUXEDO.:heart:
CyanideKandies's avatar
he seems so handsome haha
TheAmazingHero's avatar
HAHAHA! I'd see him more of a bully!
attack193's avatar
He actually looks rather classy! XD
jupiknight's avatar
Your art is being used without permission: [link]
GhostHause's avatar
Ha! The balls on that guy. Thanks for the heads up!
jupiknight's avatar
Yup! A few people reported it.
who is his date?
Dulcamarra's avatar
Sweet Jesus this collection is awesome XDDD
Marikmizuki's avatar
Saw this on 9gag: [link]

Hope you're okay with this and have been asked for permission to post? <:)
fingula's avatar
This is hilarious xD I laughed out loud. On my own. :'D
ProjectENDO's avatar
He looks like the Royco Cup O Soup guy
LittleBirdLouLou's avatar
I think Venom is my favourite! He looks so effing stupidly happy. Oh good lord, you nearly killed me with these. i laughed so hard tears were streaming down my face and then I almost chocked and still I just love them. Brilliant, BRILLIANT idea & execution!
All of these are bloody fantastic. Bless you and your cotton socks for making them!
schoeplein's avatar
I totally bought a copy of this lithograph this past weekend. :-D
I am going to argue that in the last 30 years, the greatest thing to ever exist is this picture of venom in a tuxedo!
vinttage's avatar
Omfg. his eyes.
Looks so happy.
This is so perf.
Yoshio25's avatar
lolz this is great xD love it
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