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When Men Are Fairy Tales - The Last Unicorn


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A redraw of a piece I did in 2001 - I still love the movie with all my heart.

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints through or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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Absolutely stunning <3

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Very nice drawing!

I love the movie as well, but even more the book - did you read the book? - though this movie is very true to the book.

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I did read the book, although I saw the movie when I was around six years old, and didn't read the book until I was in my 20s. I think they did a very good job figuring out the elements from the written story that translated best into the visual medium, but I agree that the book does add a lot more depth.

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I had it the same with movie and the book! I saw the movie few times as a child and teen and noticed it was based on the book so searched for the book since then, though I actually couldn't read it earlier because it wasn't published in our country before the end of 90's (and I didn't buy online from abroad at the time. Well, we hardly learned about internet at the time).

Anyway, like you said - very good job with adaptation (actually one of the few book adaptations into the movie that I really like and think about it as a good one) but book is book, that is always more (at least for me) :)

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i also adore it, and will adore it forever

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Wow this is beautiful!

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I honestly wish I've seen this movie. I have to find it, one day.

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There is also the novel that the movie is based on by Peter Beagle.

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And that novel has a second part where the characters meet again many years later!

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If you have Amazon Prime, it's currently free to watch there, streamed.

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Oh wow this is soo detailed!

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