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What Lies Beyond the Story

I know that the lyric is supposed to be "whatever lies beyond this morning", but for the longest time I misheard it. While what she's actually singing makes more sense, I like my version too.

I've long been saddened by the lack of support for Sora and Kairi. I'll be the first to admit - I like yaoi. I have a y!Gallery. I am irritated, however, by girls who walk up to my table at conventions and scream, "Ewwwwwwwww, *het*!".

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints on my website at
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Everything as it should be with those two :) great work. I hope we'll a game where they actually will become a couple
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I like your version actually! Hah. I agree about Sora and Kairi, they are an epic couple! I like them together! Dx 
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finally someone who understands
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looove it <3 i wish this would have happened ;)
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After all of the crap that Sora and Kairi have had to go through, they so deserve a moment where they can make out.
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Absolutely amazing! God bless you, dear!
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When I first saw this picture I was listening to hikari piano version and I started crying because I was so touched by the artwork. I think your title is very fitting. And you shouldn't worry about the lyrics. It is one of my many favorites and to be perfectly honest is hard to get really clean and beautiful Kingdom Hearts fanart like this. So well done.
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Riku: "... That bastard beat me again."
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What a beautiful piece the coloring and scene are just phenomenal
Has anybody been on the KH fansite lately, one of the producers said that at E3 next summer Square Enix is unveiling "something big" in the KH Universe and the title, "has a 3 in it". Saw that and about freaked out. G4 also has something on it as well.
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Still as great as I remember it. Best image of them kissing now and forever.
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Oops, sorry- got so excited my caps lock got stuck. ^///^ I adore this pic! :D
Also apparently this has been up here for a very long time and I'm extremely late in seeing it. >_>;;
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This makes me wish Sora was straight. =’) So beautiful.
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Wait.....Sora isn't straight?
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He’s not out, but come on. Come on. The evidence is there.
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Seeing this just made my childhood memories complete. :) Thank you!
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Aww, too perfect!
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FINALLY no RoxasXSora crap true love instead <3 I love KairiXSora <3
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Your art is so great!!! I could feel theirs love ^~
Good Job!!
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this is so great!! It's such a gentle scene!!!
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