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The Steampunk Artist

I'm sure there's an aether disrupting cartridge pistol secreted in my pack somewhere, but for now - a portrait of the artist as rendered Steampunk.

Details here:

Print version here:

(or [[Direct Print Link to my Website]])

Many of the pieces from or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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Oh soo a wonderful Picture- something like this, i want to make  for Fedcon ( Not the same of cource, only use it for as Inspiration)....
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Absolutely! I'd love to see a picture of the finished outfit. :)

God bless you, this is absolutely wonderful.

This reminds me of Isabella Camhurst, the artist and dragon naturalist from the country of Skirland in the fiction books by Marie Brennan. The narrator -- Isabella Camhurst, Lady Trent -- wrote of how she drew her own anatomical illustrations and certain other memoir illustrations, all of which illustrations can be examined in the books themselves. And if you wish to see costumery that is so good it can make you cry, then may I suggest you take a look at knights and officers and officials sitting in council in the computer game called "The Order: 1886." And may I most especially note Isabeau d'Argyll, who is portrayed in that game a full Knight of the Order of the Round Table in alternate reality 1886.
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I've started purchasing the fabrics and supplies to make your image come to life in a cosplay for my daughter....and I realized I hadn't asked permission to use your work as a basis for her outfit. So I humbly ask your permission to try to bring these beautiful clothing and accessory pieces to life. Thank you for the consideration and your work is amazing!
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Oh, that's absolutely fine. I'd love to see pictures of the finished outfit! :D
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Excellent, we have a con coming up in March and I'm finally getting a start on the jacket. Thank you and I'll get you pictures!
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Being an artist I highly approve!  :)
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Kind of my favourite steampunk style: artist :la:
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This is brilliant, I love it ^__^
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I love her, she is amazing
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You should make an alternate male version! that would be so awesome! :D but nevertheless! I love this!!
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Wow, I love her!! <3 <3
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Totally in love with this. Very dutifully accurate to early Edwardian fashion. Gorgeous detail but I'd expect nothing less from you.
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I like the way she carries her supplies. Very clever.
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Absolutely beautiful. Love the details and design <3
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Exquisitely detailed.
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Fantastic work!
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That is gorgeous!
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Such beauty and's overwhelming, really.
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I so love her clothing!
Nice work!
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