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TF2: Select A Class...

“Copyright 2008 Julia Lichty. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named theghostfire.”

Edit: Wallpapers are now available for both the Red and Blu Teams!

Dear god, I don't think I want to open this file up again for at least a month. Each individual character was done so I could print them at 11x14 inches, so when combined into one, the file bloated to over half a gigabyte! I started this over a month and a half ago, and it's eaten up an unfair amount of time. As much as I enjoyed creating this bit of Team Fortress 2 cheesecake, I can't wait to do something in a more normal (for me) vein.

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints on my website at or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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© 2008 - 2021 ghostfire
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I doubt that anorexic ass heavy can lift a chaingun that weighs over 220 lbs. And even if she can CARRY it, I doubt she could handle the recoil.
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O.k, to sexualized, but yeah, in kinda way, it's cool
(The best one: Sniper)
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You did a great job on this, great work. On a nother note I love all the feminatzi rage in the comments. Once again great artwork.
They're mercenaries going to battle, not strippers taking their shift. This is why there aren't females in TF2. Besides, everyone who wants female characters in the game just kind of forgets the administrator and Miss Pauling exist. I'm sick of this bullshit.
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So what?

This isn't meant for the game. It just a drawing. Calm down.

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Man, I'm sorry. I know this is old, but it's so boring. You went with the same mold for all of them, despite half of the classes having much heavier builds. The drawing itself isn't *bad* in that sense, just extremely unimaginative. Literally, they all look the fuckin' same. 

That being said, you still seem like a good artist, and you've improved a great deal since this was posted. 8)
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I like the scout's design, arguably more fun than the actual femscout
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either scout, pyro,  medic, or spy
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Love the soldier 
I can't choose...
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awesome! I love the design of the female characters! Demo(wo)man's looks awesome!
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by good job i mean on the shading and all
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O_o I...I...cant choose...
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Why on earth is it deemed necessary for a female version of a character to be misogynised and turned into a skinny little bimbo with balloon boobs? Even the characters whose male counterparts are SUPPOSED to be pudgy (Heavy, Enginner, Medic to a degree) are completely toned and perfect-looking.

The whole idea behind their character design was to make them instantly recogniseable, just by their silhouette. Herre, even Pyro isn't safe from this uniform, idealistic look you've plastered onto them. Even their faces are all the same. Speaking of Pyro, why the hell is she blue?! She looks like a deep-sea diver. And that's just ironic.

I wouldn't be so pissed off if this were obviously poking fun at the classes, like those pinup versions I've seen floating around. But there's no indication of that. For all I know, this is your true vision of what the female versions of the TF2 classes would be like, and that saddens me more than anything else. On top of that, people are going to be walking away from this thinking exactly the same thing: If Soldier were a woman, her boobs wouldn't fit in her jacket properly and she'd have completely bare legs and a miniskirt, which is incredibly practical for rocket-jumping!

Jesus fucking christ

This fucking offends me
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I am so fucking happy i wasn't the only one thinking this. First of all, the outfits are impractical, second of all, they look like fucking MODELS. This is just really stupid to me. You, sir/madam, get a sandvich.
Same reason why when girls draw, they usually don't draw fat pudgy guy versions of a female character or just unattractive males in general. Jesus H. Christ, this is hypocritical. So it's okay for girls to draw tanned, muscular guys with abs and no one complains. But the first drawing of an attractive female just has to draw a thinly veiled misguided feminist pro lecture to all men. Fucking hell, it's like this with all situations. A man of old age can't look at a young girl without being called a dirty pervert, but an old woman can do the same to a young male? 

And something else, do you fucking see US troops fucking rocket jumping with their goddamn flak jackets and helmets? Fuck, even if I had a juggernaut suit, I would not fucking shoot a damn AT4 directly at my feet! Don't even talk about fucking correct attire for something that is suicidal in anywhere but TF2. 


Jesus fucking christ.

Your hyprocrite feminist attitude fucking offends me.
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