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P.N.Caster-Airship Provisioner

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Finished colored work for the GameX Steampunk art competition I submitted to. Pity I ran out of time before I could get quite this far, but I still won first place in the 2D/drawing category! I'll have to write up more on the backstory I cooked up while making this piece, but for a brief rundown on the characters, Gorm Oh is the guy in the front, trying to haggle his way to a better price. Cecily is the girl in white, riding in the mech's hand. Finally, Ran is the mech pilot.

[ Early Concept - Mech ][ Early Concept - Ran ][ Final Concept/Character Sheet - Ran ][ Early Concept - Cecily ][ Final Concept/Character Sheet - Cecily ][ Early Concept - Gorm Oh ][ Final Concept/Character Sheet - Gorm Oh ][ Pencils ]

DIRECT PRINT LINK: P.N.Caster - Airship Provisioner

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints on my website at or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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jannadann's avatar
Congratulations on your win!
I want this machine!!
Myed89's avatar
Oh god...AMAZING!
aNiKeN01's avatar
im late but congrats on your win. this and the concepts are beautiful
meb1982's avatar
Yeah pure awesomesauce.
Scruffly-Sojourner's avatar
Those sure are some robust stairs. Or else that mech doesn't weigh a whole crapton, like it looks.

Also, "Mechanical Sundries and Refined Lubricants" tickles me for some reason I can't quite grasp. Very nice work.
JennHoffmann's avatar
This is really, really cool.
koyukio's avatar
Amazing colors and steam punkish style!
guyx23's avatar
This is fantastic!!
great job!!
IgnisDrakos's avatar
Wow this must have taken you FOR EVER! But you know what? It payes off when you can see your finished work and be proud of what you've done. I can tell that you put alot of work into this and it looks realy good, well done.
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Gorgeous!!! WOW!!!
CePheala's avatar
Great work ! the background is wonderful ! :D
drwhofreak's avatar
oh wow! so detailed and real <3
I feel like i could just step in!
DrowningMouse's avatar
Steampunk = :heart:
It's absolutely amazing, the amount of detail that's in here. I love all the little things - the cat in the window, the flying machines in the background~! *fawns*
Oh, my god, if only I could make my Hallowe'en costume just embody this, ha ha!
Nice. I love the colors, and steampunk stuff is always interesting.
Aquin7777's avatar
Dang, there's so much to love about this picture. The mech, the environment, and of course all of the little details like the little mech on the counter and the donation box for copper, bronze, and brass. Good job.
Myn-Anthony's avatar
THIS IS AWESOME. The detail!! :faint:

And it's 2:30 am... so... that's why I'm not saying more. But, really. It is awesome. :D
TheShepster's avatar
Wow... This is great!
Jen-Sunshine96's avatar
*faints* Holy crow, this should be a DD. O_O
Xannerz's avatar
Amazing!! There's so much going on; it's so real. I love it. <3
JonathonFisk's avatar
DOOD! I knew you could pick up chicks in a tank!
kelsm's avatar
Wow, really impressive work. I really like the detail on the buildings, and of course the mech.
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