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Pencils for a Steampunk competition I submitted to - more information available on the colored version.

[ Early Concept - Mech ][ Early Concept - Ran ][ Final Concept/Character Sheet - Ran ][ Early Concept - Cecily ][ Final Concept/Character Sheet - Cecily ][ Early Concept - Gorm Oh ][ Final Concept/Character Sheet - Gorm Oh ][ Colored ]

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints on my website at or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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Oh wow you can really draw! Sooo much detail and yet so crisp and clear. It looks great!:la:
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Aww, thank you. :) This drawing is actually the biggest non-life drawing I ever did. I mean, it's huge... 14x17 inches, I think. Normally I work at 11x14, but I don't have a desk to draw at, so the bigger it gets, the more difficult it is.
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Caww! Even better!:XD:
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this is stunning, excellent work.:)
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oh my god! this is an amazing pencil work! so many details here!
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steampunk battlesuit? awesome!!:D
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Good god. Your lines are like poetry for the optic nerve. Crisp, clean, and even with all those details going on, it never verges on busy. It's very interesting to see the skeleton for the equally exquisite colored version. :meow: No doubt about whether to favourite this or not.
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:) Thank you! Most people seem to be glossing right over the pencils for this one, even though it's less fully painted than most of my pieces.
It's good. I really like your use of urban town life, ie, shops and stuff equivalent to what we have today.
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