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Overwatch - D.Va - Home Screen

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Even though I don't play her much, I really like D.Va as a character.

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints through or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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HareKame's avatar
Really love all those small details in her room and her see-through sexy body :D
MyLovelyJacksonForev's avatar
I wish I could live carefree like her again
MartyrFan's avatar
My most favorite part of this work is the attention paid to all the details and references you put into it. You must have burned the midnight oil for this. Great job!
ScotteYx's avatar
I've had so much fun just looking for all the little references. Love it!
Tjalf's avatar
the nerdy girly of my dirty dreams!! ^^
Tirah's avatar
People said it before, but I love the attention to detail and how much effort went into the background alone.
samurai-lordomega's avatar
lol love little fanart bits in background nice job
pineapple120's avatar
I like the background it adds a nice touch
Baka-Ranger-Green's avatar
She looks so cute but how the hell did she get MEKA in there?
ghostfire's avatar
Tenacity and gumption. :3
I need to get this game. I so ant to play as her now.
ghostfire's avatar
She's a lot of fun, but I don't play her well. I mostly stick to Mercy and Lucio. :)
is there any way to order a print of this in the deviant art shop? 
ghostfire's avatar
Not through the deviantart shop, but through my storenvy:…
uriahworld's avatar
Very awesome detail in the room!
artforloser's avatar…
Now you're dealing with Overwatch [Song]
LordManda2's avatar
So much detail in this one, very nice!:+fav:
guny666's avatar
Grimlins-Choas's avatar
i spots the gremlin
ImpatientPaintbrush's avatar
I really really like this. I've been staring at every little detail for the past 15 minutes.
0Luna123's avatar
How to make D.Va:
- One Small Korean
- Doritos
- Mountain Jew
alexsiara's avatar
no mountain dew and doritos? 
I freaking love you
0Luna123's avatar
Actually, thereis some doritos hiding next to her. On her right side.
alexsiara's avatar
shhhhhhhhh, let me have this
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