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Mass Effect: Tali's Reflection

By ghostfire
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My other Mass Effect art: After the Reaper, Tali in panties, varren riding, etc...
Mass Effect - After the Reaper by ghostfire Mass Effect: Shepard's Present by ghostfire Mass Effect: Scale Itch by ghostfire Mass Effect: The Ashes of Menae by ghostfire Mass Effect - Pick up the Pieces by ghostfire Mass Effect Andromeda - Mission One by ghostfire

Oh god... it's finally finished... I haven't attempted a reflection piece since 2003 or something like that, and definitely not with a costume this complicated. All of those textures... hand drawn... arm, falling off...

It's not the Shepard/Tali romance piece I mentioned, but that's still in the works, along with one of Samara, and a few quicker sketches.

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints on my website at or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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The way Tali looks at you in the mirror but in reality she's looking up...It makes her quite mystic! :)

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The most beautiful art of Tali in internet

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Can you make her BOOBS alot more bigger!
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I bought both versions of this print many years ago. they are both on display still in my game room. Love them

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"Ugh,  I cannot believe this! He got youghurt all over my mask! Yoghurt! When I get my hands on that Turian..."
My nerdy space alien crush... Love me some Tali Tali in Love 
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Very nice! Finally some serious Tali artwork!
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Tali and Garrus were definitely my favorite two characters. :)
Very nice picture
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that is amazing :) very cool!
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Tali was sexy, lovely, loyal..
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This is wonderful, how many hours did you spend on this?
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Was this made with SFM??
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I'm not sure what SFM is. It started as a pencil drawing, then was scanned and colored in Photoshop.
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Wow... well you did a hell of a job!
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Omg I only just realised this is yours! 
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Just gonna leave this here:

This is the first picture I ever favourited on DeviantArt.
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Amazing ! Congrats
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Simply amazing! Good job!
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Great detail !
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