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Mass Effect: Shepard's Present

By ghostfire
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My other Mass Effect art: After the Reaper, Tali'Zorah vas Normandy in her normal envirosuit, varren riding, Mordin...


“Are you sure this is what Shepard would want? He seemed to prefer me out of my suit. Why put more clothes on?” Tali's voice sounded uncertain as she nervously stretched the waistband of a pair of silky black panties.

“Not those; these,” Kelly answered with a little grin, holding a matching set against the quarian's envirosuit. “Unless his psychological profile is completely off the mark.” She paused to consider that, then put a hand on the fidgety girl's shoulder. “Don't worry, you won't be wearing them long anyway.”

Tali emitted a noise somewhere between a squeak of surprise and a word of protest that ended up being neither. The asari shopkeeper glanced in their direction.

Okay, I couldn't keep that up without it becoming full fledged fanfiction. Kelly is awesome, and she would definitely take Tali out underwear shopping, and even remember to ask for ones that could survive a trip through Mordin's autoclave.

This isn't the Shepard/Tali romance piece I mentioned, but that's still in the works, along with one of Samara, and a few quicker sketches.

Also, I'm sure everyone can find something to disagree with about quarian appearance, but I did my best, including drawing some elements from the more organic looking geth.

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints on my website at or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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so damn sexy 
Damn you Shepard Shake Photo Realistic Fist Smiley Shake Fist That's my GF lol!!!
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 You're doing the world a great service good sir/ma'am 
I think we all know that, underneath that suit, Tali is a kinky classy gal.
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I was inspired by you.
Why Quarians hate Skinny Jeans by YarTavdhladleklwa
I see hundreds of comments so you might not get to mine, but id like to say your a very talented artist and I love your approach on this picture!
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Потрясно в квадрате!
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....bow chicka wow wow
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Be careful, she might get sick.
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I like the little story adds a lot to it.

Always adored the Tali Shep romance, it was like the High School Quarterback starts seeing the cute but shy bookish girl.
Thanks for posting
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Looks great! But, where's the tatoo in the "lower wards"?
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That's great. The one thing I didn't like was how direct Shepard was. He should either be so focused on the mission to be oblivious or so Rock and Roll that he doesn't care but cares about Tali being treated right. Protective of her, will fly off the handle when she is insulted or treated poorly.
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Looks good and I'm glad you made her purple like the Quarians are as shown at the end of the extended cut. Too bad they didn't go back and change it in that horrid photoshop job in game lol.
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She'll die...
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Sudden thought. . . Quarians wouldn't really need underwear. . . an undersuit, maybe, but not underwear. . . Still very nice ;]
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Tali died in my game. I wasn't quick enough to save her. I considered reloading, but then I figured "Screw it. She wanted to throw herself off a cliff in a fit of Drama, she can do that."

Then I accidentally picked the ended that destroyed all machine life. Whoops.
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Sexy skin details
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I played all the games so I finally found a scene that shows what her face looks. Also. SHE. IS. HOT! ;)
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wouldnt the helmet come off first?
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Didn't know quarians wore underwear. Still, Tali is my favourite to romance. Quarians are pretty curvy, which is kind of hot (NERD ALERT)
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