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March 14, 2010
Mass Effect - After the Reaper by *ghostfire The suggester says:"The sheer mastery of emotion with these two seems to flow beyond the edges of the picture and right into your own heart."
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Suggested by Niraven
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Mass Effect - After the Reaper

(Garrus Vakarian and my custom build female Shepard from the game Mass Effect 2, for those of you coming in who don't know the source.)

Colonist, sole survivor, vanguard, full paragon... (All on PC - I haven't dusted off the 360 in months.) After not having played the first game when it came out, when ME2 came out, I played both back to back for about 70 hours of great times. I think my proudest moment was bum rushing Harbinger. It was a thing of beauty.

As much as I love femShep/Garrus, I have every intention of producing some Shepard/Tali in the future. And Mordin, Wrex, Legion, Liara... Also, Joker/Kelly. Really, there's very little I'm not inspired by with this series.

And yes, I have seen the single piece of concept art of a nude turian. Until we see one in the game, I'm going with it being just that - a concept. Why the smooth collar ring when everything else we see is scale or segment-like? I'll have to upload my own idea at some point.

My other Mass Effect art - Tali, Mordin, etc!
Mass Effect: Tali's Reflection by ghostfire Mass Effect - A Distance Erased by ghostfire Mass Effect Andromeda - Heir of Freedom by ghostfire Something to Fight For by ghostfire

Mature Content

ME: Nude Turian Concepts by ghostfire
Mass Effect: The Ashes of Menae by ghostfire

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints on my website at or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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My friend bought me this print at a con because he knew how much I love this couple. Hopefully I'll get it farmed soon 💜
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I remember some time ago Jennifer Hale herself tweeted this! not enough words to describe this piece, I love it way too much 
ghostfire's avatar
I remember that! I had her sign my largest print of it at Connecticon.
lovelykotori's avatar
this is so beautiful <3
Darknessangel92's avatar
very beautiful Love 
I love Garrus Heart 
SuiGeneris-Art's avatar
So glad to have met you at Otakon! Love this piece and glad I was able to purchase it in person!
NaniWrite's avatar
Love this so much.
AlienLover123's avatar
Sweet pic!  I totally love it! Love 
ranna-law's avatar
I'm replaying the ME series and I'm falling in love with Garrus all over again. Excellent pic! Love it!
AdmiralMacLoud's avatar
There should be a MShep/Tali version of this as well. I'm a Shakarian and Talimancer fan!
Uchihas-dark-angel69's avatar
This is amazing!! I love it!
Deviant258's avatar
Garrus made out of stone
DigiPhic's avatar
WOW !!! 
Nice work !

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TheMythicalMenagerie's avatar
Just love this scene and your art style!
Caine-of-Nod's avatar
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My wife and I bought this one (her romance in the game) and the Shep/Tali (which was mine) and could not be happier with the prints. They go wonderfully with the painting I did of the Mass Effect-Final Supper that I did. Our wall of Mass Effect is coming along nicely thanks to you
poison121's avatar
I have to say I love this. Garrus and female shepard? I think yes xD
Canderou's avatar
I got to admit, the Garrus romance was pretty interesting, man too bad Bioware couldn't had this as a ending for Garrus Romancers. Anyway nice work
ashnichole17's avatar
I purchased this at Anime USA in DC this year and I am so happy I found your booth. I joined deviant art around the time when I first began playing the Mass Effect series and this was one of the first pieces with Garrus and Shepard I found on deviant art. I love having this print sit on my bookcase where I can see it. Thank you again for this print and I cannot wait to purchase more!
ayashi77's avatar
Super happy my friend got this and another picture for me at AUSA :heart: I'm a very happy fangirl!!
Hope to see you at another con to buy more!
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