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Mass Effect 3 Reactions *non-spoilery*

I tried to keep the comic spoiler free, so I will try to do the same for my comments on it. I imported my Paragon Vanguard - Brenna Shepard - and played Mass Effect 3 like it was going to be taken away from me. My time to beat it was about 38 hours, which included a span of 24 hours where I played nearly continuously and completely lost track of what day it was.

Previous Mass Effect Art:

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints through or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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I know that this is from years ago, but honestly I believe that this what hardcore players of the series are going to do when the Mass Effect Legendary Edition drops in a few months (??). Going twenty-four to forty hours in replaying the entire trilogy.

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I know I'm going to.

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Same here, same here my friend. I had actually been fighting off the desire to replay the trilogy for a while just because I know I am going to be at my computer playing the new version when it comes out.

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Mass Effect 3: the game you never want to complete. No seriously, you won't want to. The endings suck.

Ha, ha, ha! I'm laughing, but I actually feel like crying... 'Cause I know exactly how you feel! 😱😥😭😠😡🤬

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Bioware really should take notes from Infinity Ward because Modern Warfare 3 should have shown them how to end a video game trilogy. Seeing Makarov hanging lifeless corpse was one of the most satisfying things in a video game. Seriously Modern Warfare 3 ending is one of the greatest conclusions to a trilogy I've ever seen.
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Oh ho ho. Well, that's how I feel at the ending as well. Not even the extended cut can save the impressions.

But I guess Bioware tried to teach us something: that no matter how good you are, you'll end up the same way.
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How could the EC change anything? It does not fix the end but tries to clarify it.
This attempt was condemned to failure from the outset.…

If you want to play Mass Effect again and this time want to have an end that makes sense you will have to help yourself:…
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Hmm... The second link moddb seems not working, at least for me. Not sure if the site is down or is being blocked by my government.
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is also blocked or just the deep link?

You can also just search for
MEHEM - The Mass Effect (3) Happy Ending Mod
with the search engine of your choice.
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Yeah, i felt the same about the old and extended cut endings, I was betrayed.
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Funny Artwork!!!Giggle Giggle Giggle Giggle Giggle P.S. If you had done what I had done and played the game slowly you could have enjoyed it more with all the DLC in the same save file, expanding upon the story and making the game much more fulfilling. Plus playing a shit ton of multiplayer adding to your war assets score giving you different outcomes.Sweating a little...  P.P.S. I've seen the original ending on YouTube and it actually makes more sense then the  Extra DLC ending Casey Hudson was forced to add to appease vocal fans on the Net.Nod 
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I recommend the Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod i.e. MEHEM on nexus:…
hope that gives you the closure you (and all of us) truly deserves
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Is it compatible with extended ending dlc and will i be able to import that save into me:a?
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I believe it works with all the official Bioware DLCs, although you need a save file with the Extended Cut DLC in order for MHEM to work properly...

Also, MEHEM only modifies the in-game videos (i.e. removing the stupid star-child scene and re-ordering some other cutscenes) so it shouldn't mess with your save file.

Few things to take note though:
1. Must have a save that contains the Extended Cut DLC
2. Turn off Origin's auto update setting before installing MEHEM since Origin has a bad habit of overwriting modded save files with the non-modded version on its servers

Here's the link to the mod page: MEHEM
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It removes that creepy ad catalyst? YES! Must download it and play the triology again
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Yup, I had about the same reaction.  Doyce Testerman has the best response to the ending on his blog.  Look for him by name, cross-ref Tolkein and Mass Effect.
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Hey, I heard about this a while ago and I am sharing it with people, cause I think its really intersting to debate on…
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that fucking dayball...
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It's always ruining my extended gaming sessions. I need blackout curtains.
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i just beat the campaign last night.
he. he. i left liara so distraught. just a fucking wreck.
its gonna be even better when mass effect 4 comes out and i have a living shepard to import.  
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Yeah the ME3 endings are bullshit even with the extended ending patch. unless they do a prolog or some science ex machina like in ME2 then for ME4 to work the only canonical ending could be the destruction of all synthetic life, including EDI and all of the geth (if you decided to save them)
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Wasn't that "ghostly presence" just the Citadel talking to Shepard? Like the the Citadel was a gentle giant Reaper that only indoctrinated the Keepers and Shepard
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