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Lil' Minecraft Monsters

Edit: 12/3/2012 - Complete Reboot!

Edit: 11/25/2011 - A second set:

Because, for some reason, I tend to do creepy and cute at the same time...

The Creepiness:

Many of the pieces from or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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I like your work very much. Can it be used for poster display?

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I had the poster of these!! And the shirt!
Succfishy's avatar

i bought a poster with this on, was that yours or was it stolen?

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If it was from J!nx it's officially licensed.
OoNotewingoO's avatar
I had no idea you drew these but I have a poster in my room!
swinerxd's avatar
but i love it 
mosmo8's avatar
Wasn’t this design on a tee shirt?
ClickbaitTheMemeLord's avatar
I wanna hug dat Ghast
it so smol :3
Alexandra-Animates13's avatar
they put this on a minecraft poster
theraikenjenova's avatar
It's totally amazing O_O!
Can I use this for Minecraft server logo? :o (well only the Enderdragon tho)
spiderhog500's avatar
I saw this at my School Book Fair
KawaiiSkinCrafter's avatar
AHHHH!!!! ////////
Great job~
Metaknightfan202's avatar
Limelines's avatar
I have this on a mousepad :3
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shadow21812's avatar
Dood I got a poster of this on my wall~~
wolfheart0813's avatar
awww the enderman so cute!
SkylarClaw's avatar
I got this poster! IT'S AMAZING!!
AQUAMARlNE's avatar
My school sold these posters! It was very cool ; v ;
CatRock111's avatar
I has the shirt
i LOVE it
darkoel's avatar
i saw these on a shirt. i want it sooo bad!
Kittyfuture's avatar
Love the enderman.
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