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Lil' Minecraft Monsters 2

Edit: 12/3/2012 - A complete Reboot!

Every other comment on the first set of Minecraft chibis:

was asking for somebody I'd missed, so... Lil' Minecraft set 2, now featuring slimes, Steve, silverfish (I don't understand! :cries:), the Ender Dragon, blaze, magma cube, and some of our more delicious friends - pig, cow, and chicken.

And the painting that started it all:

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints through or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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I used your images here, thank you so much! I used them to make my son's birthday invitations. 
Kirlia281X's avatar
I always can't tell whether the two black dots on a Silverfish are eyes or very big nostrils XD
Alexandra-Animates13's avatar
again on a minecraft poster
Can we use it for a youtube channel?
RainbowDragon14's avatar
How cute. There are just adorable~
MaikaDraws's avatar
I love the dragon!! so cute!! :3
Raikahoken's avatar
hey would you mind if I use these images in an mc video im making, I'll be sure to credit you for the artwork in the description.
SharpEyLogic's avatar
I bought a poster with these drawings on it from my school book fair. Awesome work!
WolfBarr974's avatar
Wow!  Your art is amazing!  Everybody at my school is wearing the t-shirts :D
133eevee133's avatar
I've got a poster with these guys on it! They're really cute
KashmiraDragonGodess's avatar
whoa, my sister has a poster with these guys on it drawn like this.
GurkleDerpa's avatar
I have seen your artwork in stores on t-shirts and posters. Keep it up. Can't wait to see more.
DreamilicousDoodlez's avatar
This turned into a poster ya know and is now being sold by like mojang ? omg that must be an honor. like i seriously NO JOKE bought this in a poster.
SharonWasHere3531's avatar
ERMAGURD SO CUTE CX:happycry: --- 50x50px Emoticon 
Pokemon4EV's avatar
I literally saw a poster with these on it at my book-fair today. O-O
DaGreenleafThing's avatar
I got a Poster with these.

At a Book fair

Pokemon4EV's avatar
*grabs you by your shoulders and shakes you* TELL ME WHERE CHILD!!! 
DaGreenleafThing's avatar
At mai school

I actually don`t Know where they got them

Pokemon4EV's avatar
*glares at you* Icon - 003 Jen (Glare) *slaps with own tail* NO SLAPPING THE GREAT TORPEDO OF TRUTH!!! 
DaGreenleafThing's avatar
*Greenleaf`s Friend, Universe the whiteboard cat slaps you and dissapears*


I cant spell ever
Pokemon4EV's avatar
e-e *teleports behind Universe* *whispers in ear* surprise motherfucker~ >: o3
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