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Final Concept - Cecily

Final concept art/character sheet for Cecily from the picture P. N. Caster - Airship Provisioner.

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints on my website at or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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OMG! This is EXACTLY what my RP character in a friend's Steampunk campaign looks like! I was wondering if I could use this to send to my friend who makes costumes. I want to bring this character/my vision to life. I just need your permission first. :)
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what pencils do you use for this, your line quality is amazing :)
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I use a mechanical pencil with 0.5 HB leads.
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Wow, really cool concept arts! I'm working on character concepts myself for my novel and I'm kinda researching how others do them, so it's helpful, too! (: Good work!
tokyocupcake007's avatar
i REALLY love verything about this picture, and my name is cecily. :heart:
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Great ^_^/

I like her face impression.. By the way, what functions has her right arm? I mean this cyber-device like Pip-Boy :)
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She has a calculator, thermometer, barometer, clock, and altimeter on her arm. :)
Chiisai-Hane's avatar
And no any small computer?.. :D
But, yes, this is should be times when it was no computers yet..

Anyway, your drawing is awesome :D
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I'm already enjoying her personality :)
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Great idea with that "coat". She looks so kind :) And skirt reminds me our national costume
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:) I did envision her as a very kind-hearted person. In the backstory, she's sort of clergy in training, but the religion of the land embraces technology. I also wanted her costume to be a based on southern German traditional clothing, since that's where my ancestors on my mother's side are from, but with a steampunky twist.
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I think you combined it looks really naturally.
Well I'm surprise, that any other people that saw this picture and they click on +fav didn't write any word here..heh weird
Whatever... Happy Halloween or Samhain :)
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