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Dr Oh's Octopodiform Deterrent

[ Purchase on Etsy ]
[ My Website Direct Print Link - 8x10", 11x14", and 18x24" ]

Just because it's 1889 doesn't mean tentacles aren't a problem in your life. Preserve your feminine beauty and keep your daintiness intact with DR. OH'S OCTOPODIFORM DETERRENT. (Soon to be available at your local apothecary.)

Previous Dr. Oh's & Steampunk:

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints on my website at or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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elisamoriconi's avatar
I absolutely love it! :DDDD
YyanaOni's avatar
I got to get me some of that! lol
Franciscathedragon's avatar
super awesome art style and idea
Etakeh's avatar
Can I ask where you got "Dr. Oh" from? I used that name in a label I made a couple years back, it was for Dr. Oh's Elixir. Totally different products, but similar in concept. The "Dr. Oh" name came from my avatar name on Second Life - Etakeh Oh.
In any case, that's a fabulous product you have there, and I'm sure it will be key in the war on Tentacle Abuse.
thegreatcalim's avatar
waow! excelent one! congratulation!
123Andras456's avatar
Awesome! You are greatness!
AntixVee's avatar
I bought this print at an art auction at IkkiCon. Nice work!
drayfae's avatar
I freakin love this! When I get a house I'm buying a print of this for the powder room!
Ginnyx's avatar
Hahahah! This is brilliant!!
Moon-lady13's avatar
Oh No! This material should be band from public eye! You can see that poor girls ankle!. Hehehe Just jokes. Love this and have fav'd it. I actually have stuff like this drawn up waiting for me to actually put in good form. Great work!!
toadking07's avatar
That is too great! Hahah, brilliant!
varenoea's avatar
I would favourite this 50 times over if I could.
Is this product going to be sold in the Orient?
lacy-jae's avatar
Oh goodness, this is awesome!! I told Beth at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab ( that you should team up to create a perfume based on this. :D A girl can dream, anyway.... ;)
ghostfire's avatar
Wow, that'd be beyond awesome. Their stuff is great. I'm actually working on another piece in this same vein, too. (Dr. Oh turns out a lot of shady products - what can I say?) ;)
smokingbluecarebear's avatar
This, like all of your art... Is drenched in awesome sauce with just a smattering of kickassery. my compliments to you.
HAHAHA tentacle rape. i think your biggest market is going to be japanese schoolgirls. dont ask me, i dont get it either!
Ninui2010's avatar
Great imagination !
Ayoxin's avatar
I couldn't stop laughing at the pure genius of the idea :) *bows*
orcbruto's avatar
Also protects from Japonese Tentacle Porn =D
OnceUponAPage's avatar
useful for preventing instances of tentacle rape
MaddyMadness's avatar
Sweet heaven! I'll take 5!

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