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Double Rainbow

By ghostfire
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IT'S SO INTENSE!!!!1111!

Excuse me for a moment, I seem to be leaking meme everywhere.

Also... equestrian art - now I am a true artiste.

Edit (6/27/2011):
Really, a DD?

Many of the pieces from or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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SapphireThePeagle's avatar
Omg I’m getting so many good memories! I loved that game as a kid and still do :D
ChappieFeathers's avatar
Enter the Internet
Mangakido's avatar
I recognize 3 out of the 4 characters here. Who is the fairy? Anybody?
ghostfire's avatar
The fairy periodically appears in Robot Unicorn Attack as a boost.
Mangakido's avatar
Ah! I've seen these characters on the internet quite often and the two I'm really only familiar with is Pop tart kitty and the the robot from Portal.
Thank you for taking a moment and letting me know. ^_^
WingsofFireNerd's avatar
This is insanely fantabulous!!!!
8lackz's avatar
maybe people think what i would say is overrated.


"This Picture, (all of my life) make me understand, why there are some people, (Old People) love and got moved feeling by paint of starry sky or maybe Monalisa. i was never understand what's so good about people admiring a visual arts."

"but, it's because im a modern people that doesn't care about things they call 'art' But today. This day, i found this picture and i moved. i really moved a tear roll down. (IM' EFFIN SERIOUS)"

you  made my day kind sir, honored to see your Art!
LunaVixen94's avatar
Need a poster of this, its sooo amazing! I love Robot Unicorn Attack and Portal and Nyan cat is cute :3
McKiath's avatar
Too much awesomeness!
fireflythefirefox's avatar
YES!!! amazingness!! +fav 
Moons-Tear's avatar
that is one double rainbow I would love to see
AllyGal123's avatar
And don't forget...[link]

:squee: triple rainbow!!! :D
YayAnime103's avatar
oh... em... gee! :D SO INTENSE ;_;
can i use this on a shirt?
manwiththeplan1's avatar
im addicted to this game *-*
charligal-stock's avatar
Double rainbow right across the skyyyyyy
RayTheBishie's avatar
thats so freaking awesome are you ganna be bringing an prints to nekocon of this?
SomeKindaSpy's avatar
Add a certain pony, and it's starting to look like a triple rainbow~
Sameunagi's avatar
Aww! Nyan cat is so goddamn cute X3
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