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Creeper Concepts

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Other Concepts:

Many of the pieces from or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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Shinyvixxen's avatar
The second one looks the cuteish! :3
AleksJeikobRayez's avatar
I don't like any of them. ._. It's too realistic for my blood. I'd prefere it if creepers looked the way they did in game, Irl. Not this.... Nasty Reject dinosaur crap. XD
VinyArts's avatar
soniathehedgehog64's avatar
i say clawz ol chap
dont stare TOO close at an enderwoman....
MyMarshlands's avatar
I actually preffer the 5th design, but with the last one's head C:
Nice job here ;)
redkitebait's avatar
Nice Job! I imagined them with hooves too!
PeteriDish's avatar
nice body plan, but why the faces? =O
OblivionJunkey94's avatar
there from a game buddy they come out at night and blow you up!
OblivionJunkey94's avatar
oh and they his ssssssssssssssssss
PeteriDish's avatar
Oh come on, every second game monster doessssssss xD
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Totally Awesome!!!
SketchySG's avatar
I noticed the final design has pig-elements to it, since that was what the Creeper was originally supposed to be...right?
cyndergirlXP's avatar
tha last is the best :heart:
Vodalok's avatar
really well done on the creeper concepts. what made you settle on the last one for "not enough torch's"?
BluDrgn426's avatar
MysteryOne617's avatar
its not easy to try to illustrate a minecraft character x) they look so random...

1' draw - the simplest, not the greatest, but I love his legs, looks like an open hand :)
2' - too much small body and not scary at all xD looks like a comic book character
3' - reminds me a turtle looking at you with puppy eyes "have you cookie pwease?"
4' - too much big head xD but starting to be creepy ;)
5' - frogshroom much?
6' - its great for me! :lol:
7' and last - its the same of the 6' but with more realism and expression, I just guess the nose is too much x) be simple ~~:heart:

great work hear realy :clap: congratz ~~:heart:
Immaginarium's avatar
Dude I'd love to make a puppet of this. LOL
BAMillustration's avatar
Good concepts! I think you definitely picked the winner, though the face on the top-right creeper is quite frightful as well.
Apollyna's avatar
It's kinda fascinating to see the creeper as a weird horsey thing. Nice.
F-22ARaptor's avatar
The two final ones look like apocalyptic horsemen.
AlchemistR's avatar
I like the 1st one.
Osanagokoro's avatar
I really like the one on the top right. VERY creepy.
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