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Castlevania Alucard - Respite from Endless Days

By ghostfire
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Alucard, of Castlevania, enjoying a little diversion from days of monotony.
Stained glass window standalone:
The Fall by ghostfire

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints through or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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Great work ;-)

BlackBasior's avatar
TheBrokenAngel92's avatar
Simply marvelous! Your art is so beautiful and elegant!😍
gateapparel's avatar
Excellent work! Bravo.
burningrage8-13's avatar
Awesome! I love Castlevania SOTN, too.

You wanna see something cool?

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Be sure to check out the page!
SayamiIzunaTepes's avatar
Ahhh! Alucard-Senpai XDD
Shritistrang's avatar
Looks great. But it makes me wonder, do vampires even eat normal people food?
SayamiIzunaTepes's avatar
No, He's a dhampir, A half-human half-Vampire
Shritistrang's avatar
I know that. I was just wondering.
ghostfire's avatar
Well, he's a half vampire, so that does make a difference. As far as full on vampires, it seems that only a few get anything from human food.
burningrage8-13's avatar
Love it!! I am a huge Castlevania Symphony of the Night fan, myself. I love Alucard! He's my fav!! Plus, he's hot!Animated Love Monkey Animated Love Monkey 
FKDemetri's avatar
This is stunning
Ashofthewilliams's avatar
The new show has got me hyped. Can't wait for when they continue it! 
ghostfire's avatar
Me too! I think they've managed to get the spirit of Castlevania.
Ashofthewilliams's avatar
They said they don't know if they can have Grant the pirate in the show, as wallachia is a landlocked country, and danasty is a weird last name in general. Still, a pirate fighting Dracula sounds too cool to pass up.
MrPicklesHtf's avatar
Have a nice sit in the Long Library.
Hmmm... Sounds nice.
ghostfire's avatar
If I had a library this nice I'd probably never leave!
Scorium's avatar
Good lord, would you like some cheese with your cheese?!

I mean, just imagine some hero bursting into the room "I'VE COME TO SLAY YO--!!!" and Alucard is just INHALING this giant slice of a cheese wheel.

"Why are you so weird, Al?"
ghostfire's avatar
Sausage speared on the fork, somehow held in the same hand with the wine glass, the other hand grappling this huge wedge of cheese as he takes it whole mouthfuls at a time... yeah, that might just make a hero pause a moment.
AllHailWaluigi's avatar
Is he about to throw that glass and tell me what a man is?
ghostfire's avatar
Maybe he's learned a lot from his father...
paradoxus249's avatar
that's a lot of cheese for one person/vampire
ghostfire's avatar
If I've learned anything about video game cheese, it only comes in huge.
Hey, this is great Aluc-arts. But enough talk! Have at you! X ^ ^ X
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