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*Bioshock Infinite* Constants and Variables

By ghostfire
Quite the marathon week, but another Bioshock Infinite piece done. The game is... quite inspiring.

Pencils viewable here:

Other Bioshock pieces:

Many of the pieces from this gallery are available as prints through or specifically at the ghostfire market.
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"The Amazing Flying Racists!"
-Angry Joe

Very awesome!
Devina-sama's avatar
Did You Paint this Digitally or not?
LokiisDC's avatar
BloodytheVampireBat's avatar
Literally I felt extremely bad when Booker killed the prophet... :c
UnderwoodART's avatar
It was pretty brutal ._.;
BloodytheVampireBat's avatar
like I was just sitting there staring at Booker like "WAT R U DOING BOOK STAWP HE'S AN OLD MAN THIS ISN'T FAIR"
militarydallen33's avatar
He was an asshole, so it was justifiable.
TheWildWestPyro's avatar
EXCELLENT! Shows the two sides of Elizabeth...

It would be cool to have Comstock having the Paddywhacker, to make him look parallel to Booker.
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I bought a print of this at dragon con
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This game was TOO EPIC
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900x1200?Can you add HQ,plz?Waaaah! 
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That's very good, I love the idea :)
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Wow, that looks amazing! :D
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Wow! This looks really amazing. It does real justice for this excellent game.
Kaddelunsen's avatar
I love Bioshock Infinite! This is done really well, I like it alot :)
sems1193's avatar
I just love this pic.
Xxshatteredworld92xX's avatar
Awesome work. :iconfacebooklikeplz:
"Heads or tails"
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pretty awesome, nicely captures the essence of the game. good job! :)
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beautiful! Love the symmetry :)
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--that is the most beautiful Elizabeth I've yet to see. Absolutely stunning (both the symmetry and the piece),
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