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Sup Pham Squad! I'm Lasagna the Trashcan, professional mess. How may I help you today?

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Hey all, it's my sister's birthday! You all should go say happy birthday to her.…

Also you should go give her a llama or somethin while you're at it
    OK so I know y'all are probably sick and tired of hearing about Camp Camp, but I love this show. And I love looking up theories, head canons, and cute fanart, especially stuff about Nerris. But it seems that the majority of people who take interest in her just want to ship her with Harrison, eXCEPT SHE HATES HIM. And he hates her! And I see this general issue everywhere. I'm fine with fan art (Clearly), I'm fine with tasteful fan fictions, I'm fine with canon ships, I'm fine with unconfirmed-but-maybe-plausible-even-if-unlikely ships, I'm fine with plausible head canons (Like if makes sense for a character to be gay/pan/any o' that, but it hasn't been confirmed/denied). Heck, I'm even fine with certain AUs.

But it has to be REASONABLE.
(NOTE: I'm going to be coming back to Camp Camp quite a lot in this, but that's because I see a lot of these issues in its fandom.)

    If a character is canonically underage, PLEASE don't draw sexual fan art. And no matter what type of fan art it is, try to make it make sense with the character(s). Example: Most of the characters in Camp Camp are 10/11 years old. THERE SHOULDN'T BE SEXUAL FAN ART. PERIOD. And please, PLEASE use mature tags. I know I'm not the only one who's opened dA only to come face to face with some tentacle-inflation fandom porn and immediately closed the tab. You can have whatever fetishes you want, I won't judge (Unless it's pedophilia/necrophilia/rapey stuff), but keep in mind a lot of people want dA (And fandoms in general) to have a reputation other than "That weird place with overly sexual fan garbage". 

    I have pretty much the same opinions on fan fictions that I do fan art. Don't over-sexualize minors, keep characters in character, all that good stuff. Also keep good storytelling in mind; don't let things go crazy too quickly, etc.

    If a ship completely goes against one/both characters, please don't ship it. Like I said, I'm fine with ships, but make sure it's plausible. If two characters have NO chemistry, maybe don't? Common Example: Two characters are straight and in relationships with two other people (Like, say, Mark and Sean). But "oh, I'm going to ship them together in a gay ship, even though one/both of them has/have very explicitly stated that they AREN'T GAY!" Or two characters are VERY CLEARLY enemies (Like Nerris and Harrison), but "I'm going to ship them because I think they'd be cute together eVEN THOUGHT THEY HATE EACH OTHER WITH E V E R Y   F I B E R   O F   T H E I R   B E I N G!" 

    ALright. Head canons and AUs.

    Head canons are odd. Some of them are small, fun things like, "This character does this certain thing when they go to bed at night" or, "These two characters have this interaction after an episode". But others are things like, "This character is trans and biromantic/demisexual and also has crippling anxiety", even though there is literally NO EVIDENCE to support it, or maybe it's even been disproved. Like everything else fandom, it should fit into the story and make sense. 

    Now, I'm gonna be real, I'm not a big fan of AU's. It's not that the general idea is awful, it's just that a lot of the executions aren't that great. I'm not saying all AUs are poorly executed; I found a Camp Camp AU where all the kids were college students instead of summer campers. THAT WAS COOL! It took the original idea and changed it to make an interesting take on the characters. However, a lot of AUs I see are just "Villain and hero are roommates and also in love". I'm also not a fan of "characters personalities swap with each other." But what rubs me the wrong way the most is combinations of the two, with some out-there head canons thrown in. Like, "All the characters personalities are swapped and they're roommates and all falling for different characters than the source material- And everyone's gender/sexuality swapped". At that point, why not make original characters? Instead of having a compelling, interesting story, it'll just get tossed aside as a weird AU that doesn't understand the original content at all.

    Oh and crossovers. I'm just gonna say: Superwholock. Anything with Ponies. These are your warnings. Tread lightly. 

    TO ANYONE WHO DOES THIS STUFF: You do you. If you wanna make a comic and write an AU where the Pines twins from Gravity Falls and child versions of the Homestuck characters go to Camp Campbell, Everyone's personalities are swapped, and they're all trans and pansexual, then go ahead. It's going to leave a mark on all fandoms involved, but whether it's a good mark or a bad mark is not my place to decide. 

    Fandoms get a bad reputation, and it's understandable. There are a lot of strange things that come out of such a place of magnified emotion, a place that can turn a hobby into an obsession. Unfortunately for those who plan on keeping it a hobby, a piece of media with such a cult-ish following usually becomes taboo. It's frowned upon to enjoy just the source material, even if you aren't engaging with the odd fan content. Not all fan art/fan fiction/AUs are bad, but the bad ones stand out the most. So be careful with content. Know that awful fan created content can revoke respect for the creator, the source material, and even the respect of people who are simply casual fans. It's happened to FnaF, Undertale, and Minecraft, just to name a few. Instead of proudly enjoying good games or online series, people have to hide their interests in shame when not with fellow fandom members.

TL;DR? Be careful with what you create. The fandom extremists can ruin peoples' enjoyment of a perfectly good franchise. If you create fan content, make it reasonable. 
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