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I was Tagged by NOTMason12215 and he told me to do my Minecraft creeper character Malum.

Post these rules.
Post eight facts about your character.
Tag eight other people; post their avatars and write their OC’s name next to them.


Fact 1.
Malum’s full name is Malum Trem witch in Latin (or Latin according to Google Translate) is Evil summoner. This may hint to where she is from and what she was going to be used for.

Fact 2.
No one is sure where she came from, but the Ultimate Team took her in anyway.

Fact 3.
The Ultimate Team and some other friends know her as “Emhall” this is a nickname that was given to her by the team’s leader.

Fact 4.
She REALLY dislikes the teams leader after some events of the two arguing.

Fact 5.
Her sword made of ruby (also known as Dragon Fire) has always been with her, and people also have know clue where it came from.

Fact 6.
She has motioned that she was created and not born. This means that she could be the work of a mad scientist, or something even more powerful...

Fact 7.
In the Ultimate Team, her role is to stay in the back line or the sides attacking with a bow and giving cover to the others using her sword. Is rarely in the front of battle.

Fact 8.
Is very skilled at enchanting and able to read the language in the books. This makes her a very valuable in Woodland Mansions as for she can read the work of the illagers.


Fact 9.

Fact 10.
Somehow managed to build elytra-like wings that she can wear.



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