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Poor Jacob, nobody loves him. He's still my brosef though.

I play this game way too much.
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Is this a roundabout way of saying that you draw Rule 34 Mass Effect drawings on the side? 
Why has it been so long without a new comic? These are hilarious.
"Except Jacob." Freaking priceless.
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Well that's worrying....
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Between this one and the Shep/Thane encounter I think you've legitimately made Internet History.

Awarded: +1 Internets.

Also, I laughed out loud. In excess.
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It's not Shepard's fault if everyone on the Normandy is sexy.
RanmaCMH's avatar
Elcor erotic fiction would be so damn funny.  Infinite comic possibilities.  
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I think I'm going to "recalibrate" Garrus now.
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This is what Shepard always does, cause the alliance does not pay enough, but fanfiction does.!
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Okay. I keep coming back to this cause it's so funny. I really, REALLY want there to be a page 2 now! XD
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"i gona calibrate tha ass" seriously.....
xXNuclearFalloutXx's avatar
...someone needs to write an erotic fanfic with an all-Elcor cast now.
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.....No comment, but its still funny
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Hahahaha!!!! I love that!!!

I wanna read that fic from the first panel too, now. :P
Jin-Ghi-Lives's avatar
I've been looking for this for the past 2 years!
overlordphoros's avatar
The Elcor part was the best.
rbhoofprint999's avatar
you have no idea how much i loved this.... thanks for the laugh! <3
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This made my day.
RustyNugget's avatar
"Yo, check my QUAD!"

i lol'd
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garrus looks like he is alright with it
thats why garrus is my favorite hes a total bro
"he am cool guy who kills reapers and am not 'fraid of nothin'"
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HAHAHAHAHAHAH, omg, I laughed so hard. Loved it.
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xDD whit no Jacob? And how about Legion and Mordin?
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