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Goetia Girls: Frankenstein Witch Nurse Succubus by GHOSTCROW1 Goetia Girls: Frankenstein Witch Nurse Succubus by GHOSTCROW1
Should you vigorously rub up a bottle of Night Nurse medication, upon the striking, of the thirteenth hour, during the twilight time of Halloween, you might just find that a Genie Night-Mare Nurse will erupt forth from her Succubus bottle.

But due to her infernal origin, since the 'Anima' and her legions of salacious Succubae have been cast into the depths of Hell, she will look like an Exquisite Corpse, of a knitted together Frankenstein's Witch Muse.

You will probably believe that you are hallucinating all of this, while to lie paralysed upon your sweaty bed, as she mounts you like a predatory Sphinx, whose feline nature is that of a Lioness.  

She might also appear in the company of two surrealist Cenobite Dakinis, whom be highly versed in the Tibetan ritual of Chod; but should you fear them, you will find yourself being operated upon by monstrous alien entities.

When to ask her name, she may just reply of clairaudience, that she is the Fifth Succubus of the Goetia, whose name is Marbasi.

If you be an Artist, Marbasi will inspire your Frankenstein interest in anatomy, as well as to vividly visualise your Artistic creations to assume a Frankenhooker Tulpa reality, like that of computer game characters, which will at first be as mechanical Mind-Dolls, manifesting amidst your Triangle Of Art Imagination, until they assume interactive sentience within your virtual reality lucid dreams.

Marbasi is featured in my first Goetia Girls: Succubus Art Book Grimoire, which is presently available from Createspace and Amazon in paperback.

Check out the Goetia Girls Video:…

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October 18, 2015
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