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A contract with the Devil is very much at the forefront of the Faustian myth. But, if you reverse its symbolic focus upon an 'Animus' manifestation of a Devil, named Mephistopheles, to otherwise have an 'Anima' manifestation of a Devil Girl Succubus, to name, Mephistophina, then the contract is transformed into a 'Coitus Pactum.'

The reversal of the symbolism will then indicate that the original tale was not about a Sorcerer named Faust, but that of a Witch, called Faustina, who had entered into a Coitus Pactum with her horny 'Animus,' Mephistopheles.

In fact, there is an ancient Roman plaque, which depicts the Empress Faustina being carried into heaven by the Goddess Diana-Lucifera. The Goddess Diana-Lucifera was later transformed into a butch Lucifer by the Christian's. Basically, the perception of the masses can be easily influenced by the manipulation of symbolism.

For example, the symbol of the Swastika, was once considered to be sacred by the pre-Christian European's, just as the Hindu's see the Swastika as being sacred; this soon changed when the Nazi's utilised the symbol for their own political ends.

Another example is the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis, whose promiscuous cult was very popular in pre-Christian Rome. Isis was later transformed into the the celibate Virgin Mary. The name of Isis has since been used for manipulating the perception of the masses via the controlled media.    

That aside, If you stick to the original Faustian tale, then it will reveal why Marlowe's version of Faust has a far more intimate relationship with his Mephistopheles; for Marlowe was homosexual of inclination, which Goethe missed the meaning of.

Although, during Marlowe's and Goethe's time, homosexuality was outlawed, so, may be Goethe had not missed the underlying relationship dynamic between Faust and Mephistopheles, which for the audience, would make Faust far more heinous in their eyes; whereas now, of a more enlightened and civilised perspective, most do not see the original symbolic meaning of the Contract.

As for Faustus Crow, he has entered into a lucid dream Coitus Pactum with his Succubus Art Muse of an 'Anima' manifestation to name as Mephistophina.

The artwork is featured in my first Goetia Girls: Succubus Art Book Grimoire, which is presently available via Createspace and Amazon in paperback.

Check out the Conjuration Of Mephistophina Video:…

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