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Masky, Kagekao, & Slenderman...
My art ranges around 40 points. I don't come cheap. But I do not accept real money. Only points....if you want to adopt a piece of my art let me know and I will tell you how many points you will need... ^__^

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GhostCookies has started a donation pool!
185 / 80,000,000
Plz donate. I am really looking forward to becoming a premium core, also I really want to be generous to others by giving donations so that i can encourage them a little.

Plz help me out ^__^

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GhostCookies's Profile Picture
Libby Wadsworth
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Don't expect any amazing computer art on this profile. Why? Im not good at it nor will I ever be good at it. Also, I've been drawing ever since I was 10 to 13 years old. And I love it. But somehow I got really good at it and I thought my hand was possessed.

I used to be obsessed with drawing dragons
Later came creepypasta, and then I started drawing faces. Real time faces, next was anime.

But now Im back to creepypasta! Why, because im secretly obsessing over Slenderman again....
I find it a tad creepy I look outside my window expecting to see something watching me at night. :-)
Something is wrong with my brain, yea I know.

Anyways back to art talk,
I found this website 4 years ago.
And I made an account that was later taken down. "I used to steal art and claim it mine because I was jealous at how good people were". I used photoshop and took out their signature and put mine. Yea, I know, Im an asshole. Thats why everyone on social media now calls me a sadistic. Now you've finally figured that out after so long? Jesus

Back on topic.
I usually draw in my own style. I have my own shading technique and I draw hair in my own certain way. But for faces I use guidelines to help me out. Most of my drawings you'll find portraits of created characters. While you'll rarley find full body sketches. "Cuz im too lazy".

But as I was saying, thank you so much for watching and supporting me. I love to help others out by giving donations to them to kind of encourage them a bit. I think it helps....
So please, Im trying to collect enough points in order for me to accomplish that one goal of mine. My original goal was to get a core membership but I paid for that with a gift card I had.

Have a kawaii face:


I eat pussy~
Jk, im just a big motherfucking perv.…

<da:embed profile="youtube" id="vkOJ9uNj9EY"

Thats all you need to know about myself ^_^

I used to be someone who was on google plus for about 3 years. I had over 100 fake accounts. But I was sick dealing with old people that I once destroyed. But I am 16 years old now; I have grown out of that shit....this was the first google plus name I ever had. So, this account will be based off of who I truly am. I used to fake the real person I was because I damn well knew people wouldn't like me. All my friends think Im a sadistic and bipolar "which I am". But depression seems to get out of control for me. I sleep all day, I isolate myself from others, I play nothing but games, I draw, I eat. Thats all I ever do with my life, no interacting with people. Cause' I hate people! I just do.

Facts about me:
I am 16 years old.
My zodiac sign is Capricorn
I was born on January, 11, 2000
I come from Houston, Texas
I was born in Orange Texas
My mother and father are divorced
I was adopted
I see my real mom every week and a half
I never seen my real father.
I am a cutter.
I have a depression disorder but tend to hide it.
I love creepypasta
My favorite song is Radioactive, and Once Again
My favorite celebrity is Adam Levine and a few other people
My favorite manga is Junjou Romantica, Noragami, One Piece, Death note, and Love Stage
My hobbies are drawing, gaming, and a little bit of sports.
I don't have any friends in real life.
I am bisexual and single.
I have facebook, twitter, osu!, instagram, tumblr, and youtube.
I live stream on Twitch every month.
I have a very short temper.
I get annoyed pretty easily.
Favorite Anime Song:…
I have a very dark and rude behaviour.
My favorite colour is purple and black and gray.
My favorite food is ramen and kitkats.
My favorite creepypastas r: Toby, Masky, Hoodie, Slenderman, and Eyeless Jack
Fictional Character Crush: Offenderman "he belongs to me" xD
Favorite Movie: The Bye Bye Man
Do I like gore?: Yes, I love it.
Am I A perv?: A little bit of one.
Do I ship things?: Yes, a ton of things. (I don't ship anyone with offender but myself though, I'll be honest on that)
Do I have a crush on someone?: No, well...I used to but she wasn't ever gay. and she also broke my heart several dozens of times.

thats all you need to know about me! *ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩


Social Media Pages:
Facebook page:…
Youtube Channel:…
Google Plus:…

and lastly
my profile to my favorite game


Last edited: Friday, March 25, 2016
Time: 3:48

When am I online:
Mondays: Never
Tusedays: Never
Wensdays: Never
Thursdays: Online at 6:00/7:30
Fridays: Immediately Online until after 3:25
Saturdays: All day
Sunday: On around 4:00


My inspiration mostly comes from

You all already know about Slender Man, right? Some of you may even know about his distant relatives, Trenderman, Blenderman, Senderman, and even Tenderman (Never go near Tenderman while at parties, by the way). But, do you know about his long lost great uncle? Sexual Offender Man. Rumor has it, that he still lurks around. Waiting. If you want to contact him instantly, the best way is to go to your nearest Burger King. Order nothing, except for 30 buckets of mayonnaise and a diet water. (They'll give it to you, if you threaten to sue for not allowing it to be your way) If you mix all of the mayonnaise into the diet water, and stir them. A magical vortex will appear, this will take you to the lost civilization known as "The Land of Sexual Offender Man". Once you get there, a munchkin will greet you by performing the traditional Sexual Offender Man greeting: a smack on the ass. Once you get done, ask to see Sexual Offender Man. The munchkins will then take you to the secret lair. But then, you will see the Sexual Offender Man. He wears nothing, except for a lone woman's thong, located on his forehead. Instead of having tentacles on the sides of him (like Slender Man), his tentacles are located where his penis should be. You will sit down next to him, and will engage in a nice conversation about the issues of global warming. Then, you will be asked to leave. You will be given a rainbow dildo on a stick as a souvenir, and if you rub it three times, a transvestite midget genie will pop out. Then again, I probably should stop listening to those stories that senile old man keeps telling me. He is JESUS.

pathos by Sanna-Mamirosoko

She Took The Rose by Blaye-Hatsuki11




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