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GB After The End - Minora Concept Sketches by Ghostbustersmaniac


Creating a character that wasn't a knock-off is a pretty difficult challenge. But somehow, it finally went through. This was Minora North. She was present in the After The End fanfic regarding the Ghostbusters reboot. Some things, now that I look at it, feel pretty rushed or unexplained. So here is her ENTIRE backstory.

The 1980's were an awesome time. But in June 1983, something happened. A beautiful baby girl was pushed out from her mother's womb. The Reitful family then named her Minora due to the family's pretty disgusting necrophilia fetish. Growing up was not easy for her. Her name sent a spark of childhood humiliation and what she was into, (ghosts and such), didn't help either. She managed to find only two kids who would be kind enough to be her friend. They were Abby and Erin. The three of them were obsessed with paranormal anomalies, and all dreamed of something together. It might've changed when she was in college. It was 2009. She passed her schools with flying colors. And when she decided to get a job for professor at the Higgins Institute of Science, the changes began to occur. When she told the dean for what she was gonna apply for, and what type of class, it went down south. The dean supposedly said that he does not want any more paranormal freaks in the institute. Mood swings became active. They weren't periods. She was still furious at the time of being denied a job, and her anger was so rampant, her friendship broke up. It triggered another guilt trip soon to be finished. She still grew up with a hot body figure that would make any guy want to hit on her. She was normally kind to most people, but if they were quote-on-quote "internet rape monkeys", then she yells disagreement towards them. The sexual harassment was too much and it made her a tad bit psychotic. She murdered 7-16 young men and male adults. She was known at the time as the Hot Ghost Killer. At court, she pleaded for her to be set free due to the harassment. The judge was not right in the head and gave her an early conviction from murder. But if she committed any more murder, she would've done a nickel or a dime in jail. 2014 was the year and her conviction broke. By that, she was finally let go. When she was looking for the right man, she managed to find Rowan. Rowan North. The two took their interests as a challenge and got married. She finally was back in a state of happiness. A kind of happy like enjoying a good vacation, not fangirling over Ryan Gosling. In 2016, things took a turn for the worse. Rowan disappeared at his job at the Mercado Hotel. During his encounter with the Ghostbusters and killing himself to avoid jailtime, Minora broke in the building while the press arrived and while any people were being taken outside the place. Her depression soared to new heights. Two weeks passed since the Ghostbusters saved New York City, and she finally did something to get back with him. She killed herself. Another two weeks passed and she rose from her grave to look for what exactly happened and who killed Rowan, those two times. The events of After The End kick in at this point. To this day, nothing was reported on Minora after what happened. It might be true that she and Rowan in their respective forms (rejected and final Ghostbusters logos) are living happily in the ghost world.
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Submitted on
October 29, 2016