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Threat In Lakewood by Ghostbustersmaniac Threat In Lakewood by Ghostbustersmaniac
"What you should be asking is, did you just lock me in or out?" - Ghostface, Scream TV Series

(Yes, I did make this in the style of a scene from :icontonycrynight:. That's right! I turned your Chica into MTV's Ghostface!)

People say he was born a monster but some say he was bullied into one. Brandon James is an example of a deformed kid in a shed. He was home-schooled, and his father was dissappointed. The only one he cared was his brother, Troy. Whenever Brandon went out, he wears a post-op surgical mask, because his face was tried to be fixed many times. It never worked. A rumor on why the murders began was because he fell in love. Troy said Brandon was obsessed with some girl, who recieved love letters and carvings. Brandon found her at a Halloween dance. He was able to talk to her, which went well at first. Until he removed his mask. Thanks to this, drunk jocks jumped him because they thought he was a monster. Eventually, all of this caused Brandon to... snap. Five students were killed when finished, and it ended at Red Lake, where his girl was at. He died from being shot in the back and his corpse sunk into the lake. Nowadays, the Ghostface entity haunts the city of Lakewood. Murdering more students, and he isn't going to stop.
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July 4, 2015
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