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Is this group still functional or has DA's Eclipse broken it?
Ghosts of fallen knights by K4nK4n   You got the SPARK You got the POWER by K4nK4n  
Hi fellow Ghostbusters fans ^^ 
I've one question about a specific item, from the vintage Kenner's RGB toyline: 

I've got an Egon's figure wich has a kind  "garage coat" made of a piece of vinyl -fabric: 

RGB Egon Coat by felifan

I found this toy years ago in bric-a-brac shop, so I've no idea from wich playset  this accessory originaly comes from, do you guys have more information about this item ? 

kind regards; 
Updates:   THis coat actually comes from   "the James Bond Junior" 's IQ figurine :… , and not from Kenner's Real Ghost Busters toyline , sorry for spamming ^^;
I have some theories on how Egon would've died
1. Proton Pack induced Cancer.
2. Lab accident.
3. In the line of duty.
Please accept my request to join (uwu)