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Gallery Folders

Jade by SurrealNacre
Lean by SurrealNacre
Ice Princess by Kashuse
Yan the Ice Princess by MayeMaya
Chinese by wlop
Chapter0 Chinese by wlop
Chapter1 Chinese by wlop
Chapter2-1 Chinese by wlop
English by wlop
GhostBlade - Chapter 0 (Intro) : Heaven Eye by wlop
GhostBlade - Chapter 1 : Ice Princess by wlop
GhostBlade - Chapter 2 : Kidnapping (part I) by wlop
French - Francais
French by wlop
Ghostblade - Chapitre 0 (Intro) : L'Oeil du Ciel by Erizzet
German - Deutsch
German by wlop
Chapter 0 - German by mojomee
Polish - Polski
Polish by wlop
GhostBlade Rozdzial 0 (Wstep): Oko Niebios by 16thSquadSanseki
GhostBlade Rozdzial 1: Ksiezniczka Lodu by 16thSquadSanseki
GhostBlade Rozdzial 2: Porwanie (I) by 16thSquadSanseki
Portuguese - Portugues
Russian 1 - Russkiy
Russian by wlop
GhostBlade - Chapter 0 (Intro) : Heaven Eye by latsabidze
GhostBlade - Chapter 1 : Ice Princess by latsabidze
GhostBlade  Chapter 2 : Kidnapping (part I) by latsabidze
Russian 2 - Russkiy
Russian by wlop
Ghostblade - Chapter 0 (by WLOP) by Suphiros
Ghostblade - Chapter 1 (by WLOP) by Suphiros
Spanish - Espanol
Spanish by wlop
GhostBlade- Capitulo 0 (Intro): El Ojo Divino by FairyCons
GhostBlade - Capitulo 1: La Princesa de Hielo. by FairyCons
GhostBlade - Capitulo 2: Secuestro (Parte I) by FairyCons
Swedish - Svenska
Wordless by wlop



Sky Lanterns by wlop


Fantasy series by wlop.

In this Group you can find translations made by volunteers.
Want to add translation to your language? Send us a Note!

You can also become a regular member and submit fanart to Featured folder!

GhostBladeTranslated is a Group of volunteers who want to share the story of GhostBlade in different languages. If you want to help, look at the sections below!

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

What are the requirements?

We can't check your language skills, so the only requirements are active dA account, good knowledge of English and checking messages on dA frequently. It is appreciated if you have a decent knowledge about image editing software as well (like Photoshop or GIMP) to be able to add the translation to the blank pictures - otherwise someone else has to do it, that means 2 people working on 1 translation.

To apply, send us a Group Note.

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:



:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:

Languages With Full Staff

Chinese :bulletblue: English :bulletblue: French :bulletblue: German :bulletblue: Polish :bulletblue: Russian :bulletblue: Spanish

If your language is on this list, you can still send us a message. In case we need help in translating or proofreading in the future, you will be contacted first.

The list will be updated if there are any changes.
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Ibisskanomm Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2019  Student Digital Artist
I've been accepted as a translater.
I don't know how to contribute though.
How do I start the process?
LeoTomson Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How do you ask to be translator? I made a group note but there's no reply.
Ibisskanomm Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2019  Student Digital Artist
It might also be that they already have too much translators for that language
Illythyrra-Eldin Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2018
I really hope ghostblade ends up translated and the entire thing sent to amazon for purchase!
archrune Featured By Owner May 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I forgot! I made a FB page for GhostBlade. The link is here, if you'd like to join!…
Totoj60 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I am new on DA and I just discovered your works.
First you are awesome :)
Second, the FB page for GB doesn't work. Is it normal ?
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