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mothku when she sees a lamp

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Moth, Bugs and & Lamp

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møthku needs lämp

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I’m trying to draw her and her is so goddamn difficult

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yeah oxygen is cool but have you had l a m p s

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I just realized something:

All songs with bugs may be related to honey im home. Mothku gets trapped by god because the moth in that song is the same as the one in entomologists. This means that she must have gotten into the bug catholic cult. And spöder is also from the same collection because of her arms. In this essay I will-

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spoilers: ur the lamp
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guys, i can confirm that mothku is not edible, and should not be eaten under any circumstances. if you eat bugs, or mikus, i'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere, because i repeat, she is NOT edible and is not to be eaten under any circumstances. if you see her, make sure to give her a lamp. then afterward, let her get herself hydrated and ye

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god the song is so good
OmegaZaDOS's avatar mothku...i relate on spiritual level..
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i want to grab that moth and pet moth
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Is it bad that this is also me when I see a lamp? 
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pov ur a lamp and mothku smashes into you
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I love this and this is beautiful <3
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help i accidentally swallowed a light bulb and now my stomache is glowing what do i do
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im so sorry about that, i'll have to take your stomach now.
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