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Android 4.0+ ICS/JB GUI Design Kits in PSD

15AUG2012: Android ICS/JB Photoshop GUI Design Kit updated to 3.0!
26FEB2012: Android ICS GUI Design Kits updated to 2.0.1!
19JAN2012: Android ICS GUI Design Kit updated to 2.0!

Similar to 1.0, the main motivation of doing this is just to provide some stock elements of Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean) in a single .psd file so app designer can really focus on creating awesome mock up to show their developers/clients. Some of the elements are just single layer of image, but they should be pretty adequate for quick mock up purpose.

In 3.0, I have included two .psd file in the Design Kit – Building Blocks and ADT.

In Building Blocks, it contains most, if not all of the stock ICS/JB UI elements that can be used to build an app mockup in Photoshop. Most of them covered both Holo Light and Holo Dark themes, so you can easily drag and drop the properly grouped UI elements to your app design.

As for the ADT (not to be confused with the Android Development Tools which is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE), it serves as a starting point for the app designers/developers of the app design. You have the choice to select the design template that start with different amount of tabs and holo theme, and the design in Photoshop starts from there.

So what’s inside the new Android ICS/JB Photoshop GUI Design Kit 3.0:

Building Blocks
Soft button
App Login Screen Example
Homescreen (Updated with Jelly Bean Homescreen)
Launcher Screen
Option Bar (Top and Bottom)
Notification Center (ICS and Jelly Bean Notification Center)
Notification Bar
Dialogs (Toast, Popups, Alert, Jelly Bean App Uninstallation Dialog)
Quick Control (Lab feature in stock Browser)
Settings Page
Tab Bars (Multiple types)
Switches (Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, On/Off Switches)
Activity (Bar, Circle, Progress Bar)
Text Fields
Grid Lists (Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling Grids)
Lists (Single Line, 2-line and 3-line list)

Application Design Templates
Scrollable Tabs (Holo Dark/Light, with 2-Line list and To-do list examples)
2 Tabs (Holo Dark/Light, with 2-Line list example)
3 Tabs (Holo Dark/Light, with 2-Line list example)
4 Tabs (Holo Dark/Light, with 2-Line list example)
Collapse Tabs (Holo Dark/Light, with 2-Line list example)

This Android ICS GUI Design Kit is best used with Android Design Preview.

Android UI/UX
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Thanks Taylor for this GUI Design Kit!
What about a Nexus 4 Kit (in 768px instaed of 720)?
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very very thanks!! but, What’s the difference of Building blocks version and ADT version?
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Building blocks contains all the necessary building blocks for creating a mockup, while the ADT contains some preset UI template for different configuration (tabs number, no tabs etc.).

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Thanks a lot !
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You're welcome! Hope it helps :)
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Do you have such sources for Android 4 Tablet start screen?
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Not at this moment, but it's in my planning to do it. :)

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Hi! this is really great, thanks for the share. I have some question do you have a .psd for tablet sizes? if not what size do you usually used on creating design on a tablet in xhdpi.

Your help is really appreciated. If you have some answer pls. email me at or just note me here at DA.

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You're welcome!

As for the tablet size, I don't have one right now, and I will going to do one most probably.
tech32's avatar
Alright! thanks. I'm starting now on tablet sizes but I'm not sure if this is exact. hehe. Let me know if you already had :)

Can you please provide the terms of use for Android ICS/JB Photoshop GUI Design Kit 3.0? Thanks!
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It's free for commercial use under CC BY 3.0. Don't worry, just use it for app creation, and if it's possible, send me a link for the outcome or give me a credit will do (not a must though). :)

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Oh how I hate those 1:1 ports of iOS apps.
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Indeed! Ports are really bad!

Excelent! Thank you for sharing this.
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You're welcome! Hope you will find it useful! :)
Hi i found it really useful and have completed the the UI for my app using the .psd files provided by you.
I'm being a little greedy now by asking if you have anything for the android tablet ICS version ??
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Glad that you find it useful. :)

No :( Unfortunately there is nothing in place for the Android tablet one because I don't have one around, but let see what I can do.
Hi, this is great.

I'm just wondering if it is free to use? It would be a perfect resource to use for one of my current projects for the designs. The designs will not be published, only shown to the developer.

Of course I will fully credit you as the original creator.

Thanks :)
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Hi there,

Definitely free to use! The idea is to allow the designers to create awesome android apps mockup within a short time, so feel free to use it and generate great app! :)

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You're welcome! :)
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I have no skills to use this but do appreciate you sharing it for those who can make use of it and admire your abilities !
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