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The Reluctant Prince
The Reluctant Prince by Ghost-Dreamer

Ghost-Dreamer Stamp by 2dazed


Those of you that have been following my art account for a while now know more or less what happened, in brief, we were in the middle of packing our stuff to move back to Thailand when we discovered that we lost our 9 week old baby.

What was supposed to be a regular check-up turned into a moment of great pain, followed by a day spend with various doctors and a wide range of tests.  This happened on Friday 20/02/2009 while we were supposed to be spending time packing some of our stuff, getting ready to move back from Hong Kong back to Thailand.

We then needed to schedule surgery for my wife to have the baby removed on Saturday 21/02, with our move taking place on Monday 23/02.  On that same Saturday I had to spend about 2 hours worth of time discussing and negotiating my new job in Thailand.  

Friends and family had to be notified but aside from that there was literally no time for us to realise what had happened as we had to spend Sunday making up for the two lost days of packing with the movers showing up Monday morning to pack all our furniture and those belongings we were having shipped rather than taking with us on the plane.

We arrived in Thailand Monday night and spend the rest of the week dealing with paperwork, sorting out visas, embassies, getting our internet back up and running, fighting with the shipping company etc. as well as finalising discussions around the new job.  During that time it caught up with us and we both crashed, hard; emotionally and physically.

We're doing much better now and have made peace with what happened, we always knew the risk was there, but somehow you hope that you'll be all right.  Our home is as peaceful as ever and being here has had nothing but a positive impact on our frame of mind; the rest of our furniture is due to arrive sometime next week and I'm starting my new job tomorrow.

I've also finally taken up my camera again and have a bunch of pictures from parts of our garden that will go into my stock account as well as some macro and semi-macro shots for my art account Ghost-Dreamer.  

During this time, macro made more sense to me, the little things in life that remind you that overall, life is beautiful and all around you; waiting for you to see it once again.

Thanks all for the well wishes, the notes and the just being here.

Loads of hugs,


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I know this news is fairly old, but I couldn't just walk by without saying anything.

Its hard when things like this happen to find the blessings, but they were there. I have been down a similar road myself and being in a new place really helped with healing. Nothing can ever erase a tragedy and a loss, but healing does take place.

May you always have the grace to face life head on with strength and courage.

Tari :rose: