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PlaySuite 0.5 Black and White



My first skin for Rainmeter...
Based on the Playstation look I present you a sleek skin for you desktop. I do not own any console but when i first saw the PSP (years ago) I got amazed by it's sweet and animated desktop. Now, in 2010, I'm trying to bring some of it's sweetness to my PC desktop!

-Icon Variants:
-Control Panel
-Pictures Folder
-Music Folder
-Video Folder
-Games Folder (Game Explorer - Vista & Windows 7 only)
-Web Browser (By default is Firefox)
-Winamp Music Status (also works with foobar - install foo winamp spam)
-Startup sound (Gives you the classic Playstation 3 boot sound when choosing theme / launching rainmeter)

>>Everything is draggable.
>>Almost all resolutions supported - but you may need to edit the positions.

What's not done yet:
You can suggest more stuff!

What deviants did I use? (Credits)

Used and edited PSP™ XMB ALL PURPOSE ICONS 2 by ~chrno00 in the Skin
Used Beams by ~Jannomag in this screenshot
Used Squared by ~bazdesh in this screenshot
Edited Winamp Combined to match this Skin, original can be found here

Q: How to drag the icons/Winamp Status?
A: Just click on the icon (holding) and drag it anywhere.

Q: Some (or all) icons aren't working, how can I fix?
A: Ok, you're probably using Vista or any older Windows. You need to right click on the icon and choose Edit Skin, then go for the latest line: LeftMouseUpAction=!execute ["???????"] where ??????? means the location of the folder/program, edit it to match your system, for e.g. opera.exe

Q: Why there are no more FAQs?
A: Because I don't have a lot of time! :D

You can suggest anything to improve this skin!
Also any help is appreciated :)

Thanks to everyone who added this to their favourites, those who requested more features,well, everyone! I really didn't expected that my skin would have so many views and downloads! :)

PlaySuite 0.6 is coming later with Clock - no date defined.

Wanna say something? Comment! :)
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It doesn't look like anything happened when I loaded either of the winamp skins...I'm fairly new to Rainmeter ^^'