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P2U Merman Base


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Kaprosuchus S.Zora


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[CLOSED] Red Wing Demon


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[2020] F2U/P2U Dutch Angel Dragon Base

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P2U Merman Base

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Cthulhu Base (P2U)

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[Anthro] Disfunction Conjunction

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teckos - tiny pixel geckos, species info sheet!

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Roar Howl Run pg80


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[F2U] Draw teh Squad


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Alien Creation Meme

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F2U Toyhouse Badge - Characters from Nightmares!

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Useful websites and stuff for OC info

 I had an idea to collect here some useful websites and links I like to use when making characters and coming up with their info and bits of personality. I'll also include some other stuff I like to do and write to flesh out my characters Chances are that these might be basic stuff to some but hopefully you'll find this useful/fun regardless :heart: Also enjoy these random bullets I wanted to include because they are cute xD Height comparisons VERY useful if you wanna see the heights of your characters in c

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Say Goodbye to the Makers...

Because Adobe is killing flash games! D:< BUT... that just might mean it's time for a "reboot". (Fwooh-boy it's been a long time since I've drawn a wolf... don't worry, that's just the sketch...) Edit: I know said I wasn't making makers anymore, but when I stumbled across a new program to make maker games again—MY SPARK WAS REKINDLED!!! Feel free to tell your friends and possibly everyoneyouknow. Why "rebooted" makers? BECAUSE FLASH IS DYING. Also, it's expensive to buy the subscription for the adobe programs(for me, anyways). I no longer have the actual program to open/edit the original game files. But mainly because Adobe has s

Everything else to be cherished

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