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My Bio
Hey, y'all! :D
Ghost here. I'm a Midwestern Otaku who loves reading and writing fanfiction in my spare time. :) I'm a feminist, a Rusher, an optimist, pretty easygoing, and a college football fan. I've got an odd sense of humor, crazy-varied tastes in music, an apparently intense personality, and I tend to get distracted pretty easily. I'm also a city gal married to a wonderfully weird country boy 'named' Cold, and 'Mom' to two very spoiled rescue cats named Heifer and Woozle.

Unlike so many fans, I actually PREFER fanfiction with original characters; with no original characters, it just seems like same-old-same-old to me, no matter how well a story is written. Original characters aren't for everyone - and for very good reason. :\ Anymore, it seems like the Mary Sues are building an army with intent to take over the world. It's actually pretty difficult to write a character without any Mary Sue traits - even for professional authors. :coughGOKUcough: Only the original creator of the series can write their characters in perfect canon, but it's no excuse to churn out "paper dolls," so to say. If you put plenty of effort into character development, do your research, and pace yourself in revealing their stories, Mary Sues tend to keep their distance from your writing.

A lot of fans are 'closet perverts.' Personally, I don't bother with a closet - I KNOW I've got a dirty mind, and don't bother pretending otherwise. Face it, folks - sex happens. Wouldn't have it any other way, and would probably cry if harmless perving became a crime.

My writing is a lot like me - odd, a little intense, kinda random, and full of awkward, corny, weird humor - but my writing style and casual commentary are very different. IE, stories don't read like this nonsense here. I don't often publish my writing on this account, but will have my cover art here. If you want to read the stories behind the pictures, check out my FFnet profile or AO3 profile, linked below.

Please leave the drama on the stage, and baggage at the door - Life's too short to spend it getting PO'd over stuff that doesn't really matter in the long run. If you have any questions, want advice, or just feel like yacking about stuff, feel free to PM me on here or elsewhere...just don't set a timer or something. Real Life can be a hassle - especially lately, everything seems intent on blowing up at the same time - and unfortunately, life comes first. If you don't hear from me for weeks - or longer - that does NOT mean I'm ignoring you, comatose, or lost in the Congo. It just means life has decided to kick my tush again, and I'm recovering from the resulting injuries. ;) Hope y'all have a wonderful day, and that Real Life treats you well.


Come see me on Fanfiction . net!

Or come see me on ArchiveOfOurOwn!

Favourite Movies
To many to name. Mostly I focus on Dragon Ball Z and other anime, Ninja Turtles, Hellboy, and a few other totally random series.
Favourite TV Shows
Mostly anime, again. Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dear Lord...we'll be here forever! Rush, Def Leppard, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Seether, The Moody Blues, Frank Sinatra, The Rasmus, Sixx:A.M., etc.
Favourite Books
Let's put it this way: If I won the lottery, I'd spend almost all of it on a house with a library, then enough books to fill said library, and probably even more books after that. Alas, we're poor and in debt, so I'm stuck daydreaming in an office.
Favourite Games
Diablo 3 on PS4, a lot of older console games people don't recognize. More often than not, Cold and I just wind up playing games like "Guess how drunk that person is," "Pedestrian voiceover," and "Hide your partner's stuff and make them hunt for it."
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS4. It's a riot watching my half-blind hubby beat the stuffing out of younger players that can see better, lol. For active gaming rather than watching, I usually stick to Sega Genesis and occasionally delve into PS4.
Tools of the Trade
Most of my art on here is put together using stock photos or screencaps and a varying combination of Autodesk Sketchbook, PicsArt, and sometimes MS Paint.
Other Interests
Multiple anime/manga, Fan fiction, Fan art, and listening to playlists of music that only have their format in common. (AFI, Big and Rich, and the Beach Boys, anyone?)
I've been able to update a few of my ongoing stories over the last few weeks, and it's getting easier to handle memories of the loved ones I lost. Hiatus is tentatively lifted, though I'm making no promises on long-term. There are still rough days an...
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So. I warned y'all about the impending hiatus at the end of the year BUT it looks like I missed this site when I put up the notices. So, here's the deal: I'm not currently writing due to the grief hiatus and writer's block, but I've managed to crank ...
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Seeking another artist for an art-trade, preferably someone with skill in drawing, digital or traditional. (I couldn't draw my way out of a wet paper bag.) Bonus points if you're familiar with Bay-Verse TMNT. I'm looking for an illustration of a cert...
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Thanks for watching me!! :d
You're welcome. :) And no happens. ;)

:thanks: Thanx for the :+fav:z