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The Omen

Full view please, or you'll share their fate

The Dragon's were becoming restless and their riders, weary of the fire in the sky, could not calm them. Hopefully the sorceress conjuration will turn the ill omen.

I wasn't planning on doing another dragon manipulation really but with some newly discovered stock and The Flynn asking ever so eloquently ([link]) how can one resist?

So let's just dedicate this one to =Flynn-the-cat shall we? Thanks for the inspiration, creating the comet was interesting, never tried that before.

Total build time: about 12 hours, total layers: 68, disclaimer: all hail The Flynn. Chronology

Please don't hesitate to comment on what you like (or dislike) about the picture, any feedback is appreciated. Don't worry though, I won't kill ya if you fav+run.



--- Stock used: ---

- Algeron's Moon: Wood2 Texture Stock - by ~Alegion-stock
- Dragon Rider: V4 Stock 1 - by *IWS-stock
- Dragon: dragon3_pack2 - by ~Alegion-stock
- Flying Dragon: Fire Dragon 1 - Feb 13 08 - by *markopolio-stock
- Background: BG Stock 81b - by =Shoofly-Stock
- Sorceress: Vampire girl 2 - by *unholy-stock
- Comet, Sky, fog and all manipulation work: handmade in Paint.NET
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Arlesienne's avatar
To be honest, it is really good animated picture. It isn't a hand-made picture, am I right? Anyway, nice. Woman's red hair looks very natural.
jornas's avatar
love the manip! it a great scene.
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you very much, glad you like it :D
whipzter's avatar
Brilliant execution, love the whole feeling of magic flowing about.
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
:hug: thank you my dear, I think I could have done better but glad you like it though :D
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
:nod: I am an eloquent, gracious and commanding presence, yes. You may rise to the Order of the Cookie Crumb.

I like it, not as much as Dragon Reborn [link] Plain of Sorrows [link] or Last of the Draconians [link] ...pimp pimp :D) but those were your best ever ...I think :XD:) This one's a lot more cluttered, but that is a GooD comet ... this keyboard's a little... odd when I try and use the shift key.
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Yay, the Cookie Crumb :iconpresentsplz:

In my defense, I was a little rusty :) I totally agree, those three were better indeed. The left side on this one was a struggle all the way through.

I just cleared up some restricted stock issue so I'll be uploading the next one in a bit, it is more in line with the previous ones.
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
Actually... hmmm. Left side could work on it's own, if you cut it in half - or if you removed the lady in black on the left you'd have some nice space balancing out the lady/dragon/comet triage...
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
The problem is that there is nothing there, I had a variety of other things aside from the lady in black but none of them really worked (I wanted someone worshiping). If found that if I took her out the background (especially in front) looked really poor since it is just a few lines. Also the dragon rider is looking at that very area which makes it really weird. Don't get me wrong, I love the stock I've used, it just didn't work exactly the way I'd hoped it would :crying:

You're right though, the left side could work on it's own, didn't think about that. I will revisit this one if I find the image I'm looking for, I always keep my work files so it's easy to do.
Flynn-the-cat's avatar
a few ideas - you could cut out part of the empty space, maybe about where the ladyinblack's standing
- nothing wrong with space, it's what made some of your other ones so good.
- she doesn't have to be looking at anything IN the picture, she could be gazing out of the frame leaving us to wonder what she's looking at. She's currently looking at the lady-in-black but she's not reacting to her, unless she was facing off to someone it doesn't seem like she needs a focus for her interest. Actually... she looks like she's looking in front of the lady in black, rather than at her (is too near?) which lends to the disjointedness. Because of her face/pose etc she seems like the main figure of the picture but the placing and size of the ladyinBlack means she gets in thew way of this...

However, I also like large empty spaces in a picture, this may influence me a bit :D
xHaStex's avatar
great work mrGD....
sw33t lighting and epic scene....
nice story too....XD...
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
:bow: Thank you very much my friend, I really enjoy working on these, glad it came out OK :D
KwongBee-Arts's avatar
this is really amazing although i must say i like the right hand side of the picture much better then the left. still a wonderful piece
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
I totally agree, that left side fought me all the way through, I changed it at least 7 times. I couldn't find the image I needed there so finally settled on the sorceress, without her it was to empty. I'm working on a new piece that will be finished tomorrow, it's looking very promising :D
savageworlds's avatar
Great composition! Love the comet!=)
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you very much, took a good while to figure out how to make one from scratch :D glad you like it.
Springbokje's avatar
Wooohh!! :wow: This Is Greatt!!
And You Made that Comet and The Fog on Paint.NET!!?? :faint: Thats Amazing!!
I Didn't Know That Some one Could Make Such Thing on That Program!! :lmao:
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
The comet, the sky, the planet and the fog as well as all colouring / shaping / bending / lights / etc are all done in Paint.NET.

All manipulations in my gallery are done in PdN, I don't use any other program :D It can do a lot, except handle brushes. If you want to know how anything in particular was created just let me know, I'd be happy to write out a tutorial.
Springbokje's avatar
Wooohh Really!!?? :O
Thats Really Amazingg!! :love:
I will Look At All Your Tutorials Now!! :lmao:
Maybe there is Something I Can Learn From!! :giggle:
Thank Youuu!!
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
I may have some time next week to make a couple more, if there's anything in particular you'd like to see a tutorial on, just let me know.
Springbokje's avatar
I Can't Wait!! <33

Ohh I Just Wanna Know.. How Did you Made The Fog?? o .o I Need 2 Learn Shading My Art etc. And I Have 2 Put Light on it and Stuff!! ^ - ^ But I'm not so Good at it..
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
The fog is actually pretty easy:

- Make a new layer on top of the layer where you want the fog.
- Select the paintbrush tool and set it to size 60 - 80 (this really depends on how large your original image is)
- Select white as your primary colour
- Draw lines on the layer where you want the fog to be, this does not need to be precise at all, general direction will do.
- Once you're happy with the lines, go to the effects menu and select Gaussian blur from the blur sub-menu
- Set the blur radius to 35

That's all really :D if the fog is to strong, go to the layer properties and decrease the opacity (lower the number or move the slider to the left). I'll write up a tut on this if you'd like :D
Springbokje's avatar
Wohh Thank Youu!! :wow:
You Make It Sound soo Easy!! :lmao:
Thank Youuu Soo Much!! <33
I'm Gonna Try It Out!!
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
You're most welcome :D and do let me know how it works out.

Depending on the image I use it for fog as well as shadowing, not in this particular piece but in my newest all the shadowing was done using that technique, black lines instead of white and opacity at about 180 - 200.

In this piece I shadowed more complex because I needed to change both the girls and the dragon considerably in terms of light and skin tones.
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