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Full view please

This is the Bali Starling (Leucopsar rothschildi a.k.a. Rothschild’s Mynah or Bali Myna) I was trying to shoot when I had some fun with the Emerald Dove from Huh? What? Me?

Unfortunately, this gorgeous little critter is currently on the critically endangered species list, in 1984 there were only 140 of them left in the wild dwindling down to about 14 in 1990 and with an all time low of 6 (six!) wild birds remaining in 2001.

Thanks to conservation and release programmes there is some hope that they may slowly recover with an estimated 24 wild birds today (and an estimated 1,000 in captivity), which is a very fragile state for a species to say the least.

Please stop and think about that for a second ... and please don't buy caged birds.

I'll go out next week to see if I can get a better shot, I have loads but none really what I wanted. See here for a close up: Courting

Please don't hesitate to comment on what you like (or dislike) about the picture, any feedback is appreciated. Don't worry though, I won't kill ya if you fav+run.



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Aug 15, 2008, 4:25:22 PM
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Chicky-the-Dragon's avatar
Wow, such an amazing bird :wow:! Beautiful shot!
joanniegoulet's avatar
Amazing shot. How sad to see such a beautiful creature going extinct.
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
It is very sad indeed, conservation is kicking in but is going very, very slowly. As a species they are slowly recovering but such can turn in the blink of an eye with so little wild birds left. They have a long way to go still.
insolitus-mundus's avatar
Great shot, there is 1 of these at Edinburgh Zoo tucked away at the back with the other critcally endangered bird the Socorro Dove. People hardly ever see them because they don't walk past the cage and have no idea how endagered they are or how lucky they are to be seeing them XD.
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you very much, it's a real shame they only have one bird, in group they're actually pretty adventurous and curious :)
insolitus-mundus's avatar
The Socorro Doves and the Bleed-heart Doves where much more amusing. They might have a pair but there aren't any signs, so from what I can gather they only have one. They make a pretty cool sound though.
MaddyBunny's avatar
Oh wow!! A Rothschild's Mynah! :love: I absolutely love these birds, and it's so nice to see a shot of one! Especially since they are so rare. Beautiful shot. ^_^
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
They really are stunning critters, very curious too, always hovering around to see what you're doing :)
Defonthana's avatar
aww they're so rare..glad i can see one ..and with that great quality!!^^
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
:bow: thank you very much, glad you like it :)
meihua's avatar
I love Bali mynahs, the National Aviary (which is close to where I live) has a breeding program for them :)
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Cool, they definitely need all the help they can get :)
jayshree's avatar
What a beautiful bird. Wonderful.
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you very much, glad you like it :D
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Halfling's avatar
Wow, stunning photo..almost portrait-like! The colors just pop and the contrast is :drool:
Tragic that it's endangered. :( I wish only the best for it's kind.
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it. At least the image helps create some awareness if nothing else :)
Xerces's avatar
aww! what a cutie! lovely shot. the blue eyes look so vibrant!
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
They're gorgeous birds indeed, very playful actually and very nosy :)
Xerces's avatar
:giggle: aww! they sound awesome!
GallopingStar's avatar
Awesome shot! Thanks for suggesting it as an addition to my list.
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
You're most welcome :D
photom17's avatar
wonderful photo of a gorgeous bird! . . . and thanks for sharing the information about them :)
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