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Plain of Sorrows

Full view, I’m not responsible if you don’t!

This is the continuation of Last of the Draconians, I thought it was time to explain to people what happened next after the variety of speculation.

Yeah, it’s a dark story, the next one in this series will be a lighter piece – I think.

Again a pure photo manipulation, no brushed used, no paint, no textures, etc.

This image is not stock, total build time: 21 hours, total layers: 82, disclaimer: not all is as it appears to be. Chronology

Please don't hesitate to comment on what you like (or dislike) about the picture, any feedback is appreciated.



-- Stock used ---

- Dragon egg: cloud 25 by =Tracie76Stock ... crystal ball by ~gothfiend-stock ... Dragon by ~MSJ-Stock
- Hooded figure1: Part of previous image and Black Cape 015 by ~Ominous-Stock
- Hooded figure2: Part of previous image and Black_Dress_and_Cloak_2 and Cloaked_2 by =sd-stock
- Background: STOCK BG1 surreal sci-fi by *MaureenOlder
- Building: The Ruined Keep by =CausticStock
- Background fog: Moon and clouds 01 by *Ghost-Stock
- Seven of my own photos make up for the rest.

--- Featured ---
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gothfiend-stock's avatar
Thanks for using my stock! Sorry for the late reply :heart:
Eicats's avatar
Ah, and the origin of your awesome avatar! I really like this--it's origin for a photomanip. Well done!
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you very much :D I had a blast creating these.
ramybws's avatar
pretty good color not feelin the effect commin out of the hand
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Sorry, I just commented with the entirely wrong image in mind :slow: seeing that this is the first and not the second image. I attempted to make it look like the ring / hand is draining the power from the egg / ball; same reason as outlined below, since my software doesn't support brushes.

And still very much appreciate the feedback :D
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
The opinions seem to be varied on that one :) I liked the effect but have a few comments so as yours; since I don't use brushes I had to find an alternative way to manipulate a picture to look like magic and this was sort of the end result. I do think now in retrospect that you have to have seen the previous ones before it is obvious what is happening here. They're all in my gallery but didn't think that individually they might not make as much sense.

Thank you very much for the feedback, it's always good to get a fresh perspective :)
IamFataMorgana's avatar
Lovely. It's dark yet still the colors are vibrant. :thumbsup:
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you very much, glad you like it :)
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
snowbat's avatar
:D YOu're welcome!
inspired-impressions's avatar
-gasp- This is really cool! Incredible work!
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
:D thank you so much, glad you liked it :hug:
CausticStock's avatar
Nice work .. greally dark and moody :) I love the effect you have here its superb :) nice work and thanks for the stock usage
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you very much, for the great feedback and the favourite but most of all for the amazing stock you are so generously making available. There's many more fantasy pieces hiding in there :D
CausticStock's avatar
:blush: LOL not an issue .. makes my day to see good well-thought-out and executed devs :D
nosepilot's avatar
this one's more interesting than the clouded blue close up.

i'm not convinced that the tiny red glow is enough of a substitute for hands. if this was my piece i'd enlarge the glow and have it show through silhouetted black fingers. or something.

you mean "full view" and not "download"? i feel very sorry for anyone who views without the full download. you're already missing plenty without the full download.
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
I hadn't thought about that, the hand is actually there, the red glow is just the reflection on a ring but I didn't consider making it transparent to make it more obvious to the viewer, and to show the gloved hand, great observation really appreciate that you've highlighted this, will keep it in mind for next time (all these are translations of a story in my mind, there's a few more to follow).

I agree with the download view and a great loss of detail without it but have found that people some reluctant to go that route for some reason (takes longer I guess or perhaps worried that it'll start an actual file download) I can just hope they full view :D after all, it's up to the beholder to see it as he/she wishes.
nosepilot's avatar
viewing deviations may sometimes be a mad race to get through the gajjilions of pieces but i have not yet resorted to viewing the tiny versions. is anyone still on dial up?
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Dial up ... no idea but it wouldn't surprise me looking at the internet in some of the place I've visited. I have fortunately not resorted to basing work on thumb view but getting +100 a day can at times be taxing so can't blame people for cutting a corner here or there :D
Liojen's avatar
Really amazing. I thought the lack of blue would hurt the picture, but upon full view it all comes together really nicely :)
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
:boogie: thank you very much, glad you liked it. At first the cape was actually blue but I changed it to red before posting, it just worked out so much better that way :D
2dazed's avatar
I like how you add in the description who featured the work. :clap: That's neat, I haven't see that before. Good idea. :nod:

I love this one too, & forgot to tell you in the last that I like how crystal sharp the Dragon is in the globe. In this one, the whole concept is a nice one, but the "power" is amazing. You can almost hear the sound it makes. It's on a different frequency, of course, but you can almost hear it. ;)
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
:) I always do that, kind of hoping that people (if they like what they see) will also take the time to check out the feature. After all there goes a lot of work into putting those together as well, just my way of saying thanks I guess.

Glad to hear you like it :hug: (you'll be getting loads of those today :) )
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