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Cyborg Dreams

Full view is an absolute must

"The introduction of organic matter into the core CPUs of early androids led to the evolution of autonomous cyborgs.

Dressed in a titanium shell with an incorporeal core they became an overnight hit. Many of us took them into our homes as the ultimate pet / companion / housekeeper; letting them share all aspects of our lives and teaching them everything we knew.

Our last lesson was to teach them to dream ... only to discover that they only dream of conquest and destruction.

I had the concept in my head but no real idea how I was going to do the titanium skin, so a lot of time was spend experimenting on various designs. If anyone wants to know how, just yell :)

Total build time: about 30 hours, total layers: 57, final image size: 2,520 x 1,920

Please don't hesitate to comment on what you like (or dislike) about the picture, any feedback is appreciated. Don't worry though, I won't kill you if you fav+run.



-- Stock Used --

- Cyborg: Lizzfizz I by ~anti00gravity-stock
- Fighter Cubes: Blue Gassy Plasticy Texture by =freakystuffstock
- Planet: Texture Stock 16 by =Fairiegoodmother
- Moon: Tex 133 by *Dragonfly113-Stock
- Everything else done in Paint.NET

--- Featured ---
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not sure why one would want to take over the world... there are so many more things to do that are not nearly as boring as harassing the monkeys... Conquest through violence would just be a waste of my time :iconmadokakanameplz:
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This wonderful work is featured in my new journal [link]

I hope you like it!:blowkiss:
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very nice image...
great concept...
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I love this,it's so cool.
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you very much, glad you like it :D
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this picture is a mystery o.o
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Excellent :D that's partially what it is supposed to be
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Wow.. Very cool ^^ liike it :)
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
:bow: thank you very much, it was interesting experimenting to get the skin the way I wanted. I'm happy with how it worked out :D
jornas's avatar
very nice! i like the textures you used in your picture. Yar! :D
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
All from the dA stock machine my friend, go grab some :D

Glad you like the image by the way :highfive:
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i pull a lot of textures off of DA for wallpaper and clothing patterns. :D
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I was really excited when I saw this thumbnail I reall was looking forwared to going over it. I really like the concept there and I think you have executed it very well. The textures are unique and it looks great. I do however wish there was more of the planets here or something to fill in the enormous space between the dream and the dreamer.
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you very much :D that's a great comment and compliment to receive.

I know what you mean with the empty space, that part has been a struggle since I started working on the background, I added a cloud there (it's dark grey / brown) which isn't very visible on the picture (damn dA formatting) It adds to fill up the empty space without being intrusive. I'll see if I can lighten it up somewhat to get it across better.

I did keep the planets smaller on purpose as I didn't want them to distract from the cyborg figure and because I've done larger planets before and wanted to have some variation in my art. Having said that, they're wonderful textures and I'm sure they'll make a repeat appearance sometime in the future :)
whipzter's avatar
OMG>>>> Stunning work. And 57 layers..Thats insane!
Excellent work!..Almost scares me if I can ever afford PS...I barely no what layers are...
This is very cool indeed!
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
:hug: I'm glad you like it :boogie: I love working with layers, 57 is actually moderate for me, most pieces go well over 70 :D

Btw, I don't use Photoshop, I currently use Paint.Net ([link]) which is a free photo editing application. You can also use GIMP (which is more advanced / closer to PS) and which is also free: [link]

I haven't used the latter yet but am being tempted to give it a try.
whipzter's avatar
Ooohh Hi there..Nice catching you online. I am familiar with gimp. Used it alot for animations. However the latest version Is really giving me a tough, tough time.. You can go to gimp forums for help, But everyone there speaks geeky lingo that goes over my head. However gimp is a GREAT free program..I highly recommend it! Thanks for the info on will have Jeff look into it for me. He finds all sorts of kool things for me online.

And You asked about Jeff.... He goes back to the doctor next week to discuss his surgery. He has good and bad days. Lot's of nausea..(Normal for a Cancer patient) and gets tired very easily. Other than that he is pretty good, He handles pain real well. I admire that in him.
Will keep ya posted when I know when the surgery is..but it will be very soon, I know that.
As always..sending love and hugs to you and yours from Texas..Praying You two are doing fabulous!
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
I love Paint.Net, all my manipulations are done with it, it's a tiny program to download, have oodles of user created add-ons and is very intuitive to work with (and it's only related to MS Paint by name :)).

Good to hear there's movement on the surgery front, it seems like it's been a long time coming. You let him know we're keeping our fingers crossed here :fingerscrossed: (and it's hard typing that way :D). Loads of hugs to all you guys :hug:
GuyanesePsychic's avatar
that is so awesome!! two thumbs up for u :)
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
:bow: thank you very much, I'm glad you like it, it was a bit of a struggle as I had no idea up front what background I was going to create but I'm really happy with the end result :D
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I like this a lot especially your comment it reall adds to it the only is I wish there were some red in there like in the girl. that'd be tight but still a great piece here
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