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Full view please

A Bali Starling (Leucopsar rothschildi a.k.a. Rothschild's Mynah or Bali Myna) in the middle of what I perceived as either courtship or territorial protection behaviour. They are extremely territorial but seeing that it was sitting amicably next to another Bali Starling I'm inclined to stick to courting in this case.

They have a wide range of song and noises, and seem very inquisitive when it comes to humans and cameras, maybe they just love showing off :)

Unfortunately, this gorgeous little critter is currently on the critically endangered species list, in 1984 there were only 140 of them left in the wild dwindeling down to about 14 in 1990 and with an all time low of 6 (six!) wild birds remaining in 2001.

Thanks to conservation and release programmes there is some hope that they may slowly recover with an estimated 24 wild birds today (and an estimated 1,000 in captivity), which is a very fragile state for a species to say the least.

Please stop and think about that for a second ... and please don't buy caged birds. See here for a full body shot: Survivor

Please don't hesitate to comment on what you like (or dislike) about the picture, any feedback is appreciated. Don't worry though, I won't kill ya if you fav+run.



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Rare things need to be shown to others, and people who does that, need to be 'complimented' - i think that was the word :D :heart:
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Must have been such an odd feeling to be lucky enough to photograph one...The excitement due to the rarity, and the sorrow because of the same reason.
Ty so much for sharing......Wonderful shot.
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
No, thank you for the wonderful comment :hug:
SiMpLePlAnLaLLu's avatar
nice photo! love the plumes!
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you very much, they're very photogenic, little attention seekers :D
SiMpLePlAnLaLLu's avatar
yes they're amazing

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Lets hope the conservation and release programmes work, it would be a chame to lose them all. :)
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
I hope so too :)

Unfortunately it seems that currently the wild population is purely sustained thanks to release programmes but not through wild breeding as yet. Over time maybe, if they can keep the poachers at bay.
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very beautiful (damn my mind keeps saying it food -.=.-;; ..... )

well im looking for a place i might donate to for these birds >.=.> if i can get money
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It really depends on where you live, there are endangered species all over the globe and organisations that are trying to prevent it. Very likely there is one near you.

Of course anyone can help by simply not purchasing endangered species and / or items made from endangered species (including ivory) not eating endangered species (gross but more common than believed, especially with things like shark fin), etc.

A good place to start in terms of birds is [link] they are a global alliance of conservation organisations working in more than 100 countries who partner with many global, regional and local organisations.

Sort for the lecture :D it's close to my heart.
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What a pretty bird! Love the plumes. Looks like he's been pecked a lot at his neck (or he overgroomed)
rhunel's avatar
WOW, those plumes hide well! Thanks, great to know!
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
You're most welcome :D
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
This is actually the same bird as in
Survivor he is putting his feathers up on purpose to impress the other birds, if he lets them down its as smooth as silk (as in the other picture) :D
CSnyder's avatar
more wonderful exotics, this guy is really cool looking
regal and the perspective adds to that alot
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thanks ever so much my friend :hug: have a great weekend
CSnyder's avatar
i will indeed and you are very welcome:hug:
xHaStex's avatar
not much to say but its an awesome capture.....
really beautiful work....
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Thank you so much my friend, the bird really speaks for itself :D
xHaStex's avatar
very true...XD...
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Wow... It is a great pic and a great doc. I think it is great that you have knowledge of these birds and pass it along to others. Many cannot grasp how fragile our ecosystems are or don't care. Here in the PNW I have lived for 35 years, and seen the major changes in the wild life due to urban sprawl.=(
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
To be brutally honest, I really don't know much about birds, but each time I good out and shoot new ones I do a lot of research before I post them, intrigued to find out more.

I'll be out there again pretty soon for some new species, I already have some shots of them but none that I like enough to upload.

I talked to about 10 people about this species while I was out there yesterday, educating them. It is amazing to see peoples reaction to this information, hopefully some will take it at hearth. And maybe some day we'll actually change this planet in a positive way :D
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